Amidst the feed in tariff debacle that has been going on since 2011, more British communities are opting to install solar panels on their buildings and infrastructure.
Just this week, Basingstoke and Beane Borough Council started the solar panel installation on three of their buildings namely Down Grange Barns and Maidenwell Pavilion, both of which are situated at the Down Grange sports complex, and Whiteditch Depot that is in Sherborne Road. 
While the cost of the installation was expected to be around £50,000, the community, especially those who support environmentally friendly schemes, gave the announcement a warm welcome. 
Robert Donnell, one of the councillors, and Martin Heath, affiliate of the Basingstoke Transition Network, fully supported the decision after seeing the benefits of transitioning to clean energy.
The council viewed the move as a solution towards the periodic increase of energy costs in the district. With an expected annual investment return of 8 per cent, the community plans to recoup the initial installation cost of £50,000 within a period of 9 years and reduce their energy costs with the feed in tariff schemes and by selling extra-generated electricity back to the National Grid. 
Moreover, a forecast showed that carbon dioxide emissions would drop by 9.4 tons per annum once the council decides to implement the plan. 
This scheme has come only four weeks after the Basingstoke College of technology installed 400 panels on their engineering blocks building.
Other communities have also joined in the cause. 
The community in Bourne, Lincolnshire has also installed solar panels in their Elsea Park Community Centre this week in order to reduce their carbon emissions by 6 tonnes and giving the Elsea Park Trust savings of almost £500 annually.
In addition, they are also expecting a £1,500 return as a result of the feed in tariff given by the government.
The solar panel scheme is expected to generate an excess of 8,000 kilowatt per hour annually with the community to hoping utilise only 4/5ths of it  with the rest being returned to the National Grid. 
With the feed in tariffs changed and the promise of a more stable future, the government is hoping for an increase in solar panel installation this year in order to revive the solar panel movement.
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