TELM has been serving its customers from 1972 onwards with high tech filling machines. They offer both completely automatic and semi-automatic fillers at reasonable prices. Starting from cosmetics to food industries these fillers can be easily used for any purpose.

The carefully selected process makes the entire system extremely reliable and a one-stop solution for reliable filling. Ever since the start Telm has been working to change the way fillers were used with more valued product results. Once the products are ordered, the customer executives of Telm make sure to process the entire order with final testing for assured quality. 

Products offered by TELM:

Automated Rotary Machines:

The automated rotary machines come with the added benefit of capping and filling features. These are perfect for plastic containers and jars to be used ideally. People who choose sturdy and compact machines can depend upon this solution for their benefit. Among the characteristic, these machines are extremely compact in structure, and durable.

These features make it the perfect choice for cosmetic, chemical and food industries. Customers can optimise the wide range of customisation options available in these machines like labelling and end of line equipment use.

Automatic Capping and Filling Machines:

Telm has been manufacturing capping and filling machines for several years. Among their widely populated products, capping and filling machines are considered one of the best. These machines can be used for both small and large scale containers.

During the manufacture of the machines, it is developed in AISI316 valued stainless swell and is suitable for use in any sector. Each of these products is manufactured according to customer needs and value. 

Semi-Automatic Filling Machines:

The semi-automatic fillers of Telm are usually characterised by the versatility, reliability, and precision that they offer for easy use. These machines are also developed through the use of AISI316 based steel. The careful precision manufacturing of the machines makes them perfect for regular use and accurate dose of liquids. Pharmaceuticals, Food, cosmetics and food can be widely used through these machines for better value. Customers can use these fillers to fill liquids starting from sizes 1 to 5600 ml.

The overall volume can also be increased or decreased as per the need. A specialised hand wheel is attached to the machines for better working of it. These doses usually come with a special padded operation and simple controls for everyday use.

Semi-Automatic Filling Machines:

Telm’s capping systems are best for pre-threaded and twist caps. These machines are also made of completely stainless steel for better use. Normally, the semi-automated machines work with 6bar compressed air with an added doubled buttoned operation alongside. Users can easily also interchange the capping heads with each other.

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About TELM:

Telm is one of the top-rated capping and filling machines suppliers serving customers since 1972. They offer completely customised options for better customer satisfaction as well.