Syma S107 is the most fantastic Remote commanded helicopters in the market according to the many of the latest reviews. It over-classes other superior well-known models such as the "Swift". 
This model has a superior battery life of around 6 to 8 minutes, it's extremely stable and its up-to-date gyro does an very well job.
The plan used for this brand recent Syma whirlybird is totally innovative. Unlike almost all other little rc flying machines in this class, the new Syma helicopter has double coaxial rotors rotating in reverse directions.
As you open the package you will discover it is prepared to fly, everything needed already being delivered. All you need is to load the main battery and to use 6 AA cells for the remote controller.
The newly functions embedded in the gyroscope function of the Syma S107 brings it complete stability even when hovering. This new metal gyroscopic engineering, is a outstanding assist whether you use this toy inside or exterior. In plus it is extremely straight forward to utilize you will be the expert in using this device after no more than one or two flights.
Another major profit in using this great modern gyroscope piece of entineering is the ability of using very uncomplicated controls without any compromise regarding the helicopter stability. This simply means you will see a reduced amount of crashes and more flight time.
A good thing to know about this helicopter is that spare pieces are available and not expensive, meaning it will not cost you too much to get back in case of an accident occurs. It is too very easy to fix it.
Another interesting component is this state of art technology which is used to stabilize this flying device is housed in a case that literally fits in the palm of your hand having around 7.5 inches in length and weighing just 35 grams.
This chopper is the most recommended model for the beginners due to its first-rate stable gyroscopic technology and also grace to aerodynamic controls with three channels premitting to go on six directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise, ahead, rearward, downward and upwards.
When looking for eggbeater having such capabilities to suite for beginners you'll notice the cost is generally over 100 dollars. For the similar features, this Syma S107 can be purchased for approximately thirty dollars, depending the location you are buying from.
This latest Syma S107 RC whirlybird is the most fantastic in remote control toys for both kids and adults. For about $30 you'll have an extraordinary gift to bring hours and hours of playfulness, hence making it an unique and very engaging gift. It has simple, very user well-disposed controls and a high power motor.
The final point is that if you are looking to buy a mini RC helicopter then you should seriously study this recent Syma S107 remote control helicopter before taking a final decision.
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