Indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs), also called gallium indium arsenide, is a common name for a family of chemical compounds of three chemical elements, indium, gallium, and arsenic. Indium and gallium are both boron group elements, often called "group III", while arsenic is a pnictogen or "group V" element. In semiconductor physics, compounds of elements in these groups are often called "III-V" compounds. Because they belong to the same group, indium and gallium play similar roles in chemical bonding, and InGaAs is often regarded as an alloy of gallium arsenide and indium arsenide, with its properties being intermediate between the two and depending on the proportion of gallium to indium. Under typical conditions, InGaAs is a semiconductor, and it is especially significant in optoelectronics technology, for which reason it has been extensively studied.
Currently we can offer  new 2" InGaAs structure wafer as follows:
In0.52Al0.48As layer , undoped , thickness 40 nm
In0.53Ga0.47As layer , undoped , thickness 1000 nm .
In0.52Al0.48As layer , undoped , thickness 300 nm .
In0.53Ga0.47As layer , undoped , thickness 200 nm .
Undoped InP substrate
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