PAM-XIAMEN offers LED wafer, including GaN based LED wafer and GaAs based LED wafer as follows:

LED wafer wavelength:

Blue LED wafer: 445-475nm
Green LED wafer:510-530nm
Red LED wafer: 585,615,620-630nm
Yellow LED wafer: 587-592nm
LD wafer: 808/940/980nm
LED wafer structure:
Blue LED wafer:  p-GaN/p-AlGaN/InGaN/GaN/n-GaN/u-GaN
Green LED wafer:
Red LED wafer: P+GaAs/p-GaP/p-AlGaInP/MQW-AlGaInP/n-AlGaInP/DBR n-ALGaAs/AlAs/Buffer/GaAs substrate
Yellow LED wafer:
LD wafer:
LEDs are a specialised form of p-n junction diode that have been designed to optimise their electroluminescence. As a result the LED structure and LED fabrication techniques need to ensure that the light output is optimised.
There are a number of different aspects to the LED structure and LED fabrication. These include not only the LED fabrication itself, but also the packaging of the LED once the semiconductor chip itself has been fabricated:
1)Homojunction = a p-n junction made out of two differently doped semiconductors that are of the same material (i.e having the same band gap).
2)Heterojunction = junction formed between two different band gaps semiconductors.
Heterostructure device = semiconductor device structure that has junctions between different bandgap materials
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