Barcelona, July 2011.- iSOCO, a specialist in transforming information into knowledge through an innovative range of solutions based on its own technology, has continued to grow consistently.

Barcelona, July 2011.- iSOCO, a specialist in transforming information into knowledge through an innovative range of solutions based on its own technology, has continued to grow consistently.

An international leader thanks to its participation in various research projects on semantic technology and artificial intelligence all over the world and its collaboration with over 30 prestigious technological partners (universities and research centres), the company has embarked on a worldwide expansion programme. The 2011-2014 plan envisages opening branches in the main markets through local partners with the aim of consolidating the company's presence in at least 12 locations over the next three years.


The iSOCO general manager, Javier Aróstegui, is clear on the matter: "we are a company with a vocation for internationalisation and to this end we base our growth on increasing our presence in foreign markets. We are prudent, but at the end of this first phase we would like to reach a turnover of 20 million euros in parallel with our listing on the stock exchange".


Over the last year iSOCO has increased its portfolio by 25 % with clients that are leaders in their respective industries, such as  Telefónica, La Caixa, Almirall, Arecelor Mittal, Astrazéneca, Boehrenger, BT, Coca-Cola, Colt Gallina Blanca-Star, Gestamp, Gonvarri, Port Aventura, Repsol YPF, Zurich, Spanair and S&P, among others.


According the general manager, Javier Aróstegui, this growth is down to the fact that "in addition to maximising technological innovation for our clients, we also add value". Value that, as Aróstegui points out, "we generate by transforming the company's relationship with its clients and suppliers, driving development in the Network Economy, which is essential in the current market, so efforts must focus on increasing productivity while maximising the existing technological resources".

Another area in which iSOCO has experienced considerable growth is in its team of professionals, increasing staff numbers by over 50 % in recent years. This enables the company, which currently has over a hundred employees, to maintain its commitment to professional development and excellence in its talent management.


Leaders in research

iSOCO's growth is a result of the ongoing contact between its Intelligent Content Management (ICM) and Sourcing Transformation (ST) business areas and the company's own R&D centre, iLAB.


The iLAB innovation centre maintains its firm commitment to bringing research into the company's strategic areas, and by extension the market. All of this is done while promoting the participation of its ten researchers in collaborative projects at European level, such as Wf4ever, X-Like, miO! and Webn+1.


Since its founding in 1999 as a spin-off of the Spanish High Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), iSOCO has attributed much of its success to its clear commitment to R&D, which has made it an international leader in scientific research on the semantic Web and artificial intelligence. 


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About iSOCO

iSOCO is Spain's foremost ICT company with a clear commitment to internationalisation as a leading technology provider to help companies develop and position themselves in the Network Economy. It has its own R&D centre, iLAB, and it stands as an international leader in semantic technology and artificial intelligence. Its main differentiating factor resides in the combination of a range of services based on proprietary technology.


Founded in 1999 as a spin-off of the CSIC (the Spanish High Council of Scientific Research), the company's aim is to have a presence in the main international markets by opening a network of branches over the next three years. iSOCO is the only Spanish company to appear in the WCM Marketshare2010 and is the instigator of the Spanish LinkedData Association (AELID).


With blue-chip clients like Telefónica, La Caixa, Almirall, AstraZéneca, Bankinter, BT, Colt, Grupo Leche Pascual, La Caixa, Repsol YPF and Zurich, among others, iSOCO is internationally renowned and possesses one of the most comprehensive semantic engines in the world: Semanti-K ®