Access is free for everyone on Windows, Mac and any mobile device that supports Facebook mobile apps, through the Yoobeo app available in the Facebook Apps Center.

Yoobeo allows users to create tasks or lists of tasks and share them with their Facebook friends. The product aims to provide a straight forward task management system, enabling users to assign colors, graphical icons and alarms to their tasks while focusing on the social sharing part. Users will be able to share tasks with friends and get Facebook notifications when a task is completed by their friends. Task delivery and read notifications are also available through the Facebook notification system. For privacy reasons, tasks are always private unless they are shared with selected friends that can be invited to Yoobeo through the Facebook invite feature.

In addition, Yoobeo also announced details of its subscription pricing model. Premium users will benefit from instant 'push' notifications for shared tasks, priority access to new features, premium support and platform specific Premium features, such as Android home-screen widgets or dynamic tiles for MS Phone devices. For Premium service, Yoobeo will charge $1.99 per month, with large discounts for yearly plans. Both free and Premium users will get unlimited cloud storage space for their tasks. By authenticating with their Facebook account, users will be able to access and synchronize their tasks from any platform or device.

Other features include the ability to create repetitive tasks that regenerate at predefined periods, a Today view that shows only those tasks that have reminders set for the current day anda detailed activity log for shared tasks. Yoobeo native apps for iPhone, Android and MS Phone will soon follow.

"Our goal is to bring task sharing and collaboration where it belongs: to the social network. Since people already share their moments and interests with Facebook friends, we innovated by making task collaboration happen where family, friends and colleagues are already present. Yoobeo takes further advantage of the social platform by integrating its task sharing alerts with the Facebook notification system," said Bogdan Ionita, CEO of Yoobeo. "Yoobeo derives from the Latin word 'iubeo' which means 'tell someone to do': nothing describes our product better."


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Dan Pascal 
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Bogdan Ionita 
CEO & co-founder