Vista, CA. – Do You Buddy, Inc. (BBB), a California-based marketing company, has launched its social media shopping companion "Buddy Buddy Buddy", viewable at After over 2 years of creation, program development, and planning, BBB is set to take social networking and marketing to a new level of compatibility, giving online merchants the ability to leverage the power of the internet's largest social media platform, while at the same time providing attractive incentives for online shoppers to participate in the program. In addition, BBB gives online retailers the ability to custom market their products on an individual basis. 
"Social media is the hottest thing on the internet right now," Do You Buddy co-founder Dale Wozny says. "But so far no one has come up with a way to properly monetize these social connections. We believe we've addressed this problem by providing online shoppers with rewards when their Facebook friends make purchases. This incentivizes them to tell their friends about the items they are buying online." 
For online merchants, Buddy Buddy Buddy seems to be a naturally progressive move. By becoming a participating BBB e-tailer, merchants can gain a steady stream of customers motivated to buy their products and let their friends know about their purchases. 
"Finally, online sellers will have a way to leverage the viral power of social networking to bring in loads of new customers without all the costs associated with pay per click and other forms of online advertising," Wozny continues. "We believe this will truly revolutionize the way products are bought and sold online." 
How Buddy Buddy Buddy Works
The BBB concept is very simple. Etailers simply sign up for the BBB program and add the items they feel would be most appropriate to become Buddy items, or they can just add all of their products. When a Facebook user buys an item at a participating online store, they earn "Buddy Bucks."  After making the purchase, the Facebook user is awarded the allocated Buddy Bucks and is asked to alert his/her friends. If any friends buy a product from the same store, the original user earns even more Buddy Bucks. 
"So, with the average Facebook user having 130 friends and the ability to earn Buddy Bucks when their friends buy merchandise, the original shopper has over a million potential chances to earn Buddy Bucks from the purchase of one single item," Wozny explains. The Buddy Bucks earned can be redeemed toward the purchase of qualified items from participating BBB stores, giving shoppers a big incentive to tell their friends about their online purchases. 
"We knew that for this concept to work, shoppers had to be motivated to let their friends know about the stuff they are buying. The potential to accumulate lots of Buddy Bucks that can be redeemed for huge discounts of up to 50% or more on select merchandise is sure to enhance the online shopping experience and give people a good reason to share this experience with the people they know, as well as help participating Etailers increase sales of their merchandise." 
With its launch, Buddy Buddy Buddy is poised to make an immediate impact on the social media marketing world. For more information about BBB, go to
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