ENMAC, a Hong Kong based Company; manufacturer of world’s best Digital Islamic Products; has released latest versions of Digital Quran Color Series, GSM Quran Mobiles, Islamic eBook and Quran ReadPens. (New versions of Digital Quran includes: DQ804, EQ400, EQ509; GSM Mobile Phone includes: MQ72, MQ710, MQ3500 and PQ8990). 
Majority of Muslims listen to Quran’s Recitation on audio devices such as CD/DVD players, Tape recorders and most recently via hand-held digital devices called Digital Quran. 
ENMAC’s Digital Quran Products are light in weight, compact and portable. The high resolution LCD screens display the verses currently being played on the Digital Quran. The best part is the ability to listen via headphones or with high quality built-in speakers. 
Islamic eBook EL1000 is unique of its kind. It has large LCD of 7 inch touch color LCD display to enhance the true holy spirit of reading of Holy Quran in a Crystal clear TFT display. It includes complete Holy Quran with translations in more than 30 foreign languages; a collection of Tafsir Books, Hadith Books, Islamic History books, Supplication & other Islamic Books in different languages makes the product a complete Islamic Encyclopedia product. The other Islamic features include Prayer Times and Qibla Directions for almost all countries (World-Wide). 
Quran ReadPen PQ8990 is popular among Muslims as for listening or reciting or learning Holy Quran any time, any place; with built-in speaker and headphones. The most attractive part of Quran ReadPen device is that it starts the Recitation from where you want, by pointing the device on any Surah/Ayah of the Holy Quran. This unique product has Holy Quran Recitation in voices of 6 famous Reciters (Qaris), Quran Tafsir and a beautiful printed Holy Quran as gift with the packing. 
Secondly; we have got special prices and discounts on our products, offered on both small and large quantity orders.
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