UNIX is widely accepted as a robust platform to work with. It has been created with all the reliable features, yet it is not very far from the possibility of the corruption or data loss. It is certainly a matter of concern when any sort of damage occurs in UNIX and leads to the permanent loss of data. This possibility can be prevented using Kernel for Solaris Sparc. There could be many reasons for damage in UNIX, few of them are listed below:

Volume Table of Contents (VTOC) corruption

Super block or inode table corruption

Damaged or deleted partition structures

Improper system shutdown

Any of the given conditions raises a situation of data loss. However, Kernel for Solaris Sparc can deal with them effortlessly, because it uses quick algorithm for searching and restoring lost partitions, files and folders. It scans the damaged or inaccessible hard drive thoroughly to locate and restore the lost partitions, files and folders. After complete scanning, data found in the damaged hard disk is displayed in a tree like structure from where you can easily copy your recovered files to a working disk or volume.

Kernel for Solaris Sparc is fast, simple and easy to use UFS file recovery software, as it has graphical user interface and self-descriptive features. The software examines the inaccessible Solaris hard drive volumes for corruptions and recovers the recoverable data back, even in case of disk crash. Get more information from http://www.unixdatarecovery.net/

Product Features

Performs recovery if the partition has been deleted

Performs data recovery of missing files and folders

Performs recovery from corrupt cylinder group

Recovers volume of damaged Super Block

Recovers volume on systems with damaged VTOC

Recovers volume on systems with damaged Group Descriptor Block

Easy to use tool, hence requires no training to operate

GUI supported and has self-explanatory features for easy handling



About the Company:-

Kernel data recovery is a supreme software development company, which is known to provide robust data recovery solutions at enterprise level that are equally suitable for home users. Established in the year 2004, Kernel Data Recovery began its journey with a promise to develop unbeatable data recovery solution to cut out the flab, from the way business processes run. It has introduced many best-selling data recovery tools and has managed to register the growth of 200 percent annually for the same period. You can visit the website: http://www.unixdatarecovery.net/ for more information.