Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Asset Tracking( is offering this902 MHz RFID UHF Semi-Passive Reader.

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Asset Tracking( is offering this902 MHz RFID UHF Semi-Passive Reader. It provides industry-leading range and read/write reliability for applications such as asset tracking, inventory control and supply chain.

This UHF RFID semi-passive reader, model 236005, can be configured with up to four antenna pairs which include 4 transmit ports and 4 receive ports. It is capable of readingEPC-compliant passive tags, as well as next-generation Class 3 battery-assisted passive tags.

Withproprietary software, this RFID reader eliminates missed tag reads, and its high sensitivity allows up to 100 meter read range in free space. Its embedded firmware software can be remotely upgraded through a Web-based interface.

This optimized semi-passive RFID reader offers LED visual status indicators for power (green), activity (yellow) and error (red). Its robust design allows it to withstand harsh environments such as warehouse and industrial areas while performing reliably in real world environments even around liquids, metals, and other RF-unfriendly conditions, ensuring accurate readability of fully loaded pallets and containers.

This UHF RFID semi-passive reader belongs to GAO’s family of Defense Asset Tracking Readers.This line includes a wide variety of RFID readers such as 125 kHz. Low Frequency (LF) RFID Readerwhich is ideal for access control, parking systems and through wall reading, 433 MHz Active RFID L-Series Reader with RS485 / RS232,UHF GenTop™ Standalone RFID Reader/Writerand many other similar products.

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