25 May 2011, Taipei, Taiwan – Gem Hsin Electronics Co.

25 May 2011, Taipei, Taiwan – Gem Hsin Electronics Co. Ltd., maker of LED lighting products, is excited to be participating at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2011 from May 31 to June 4, 2011, at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan, with an exhibit at booth number G115 (Hall 3). Current and interested buyers, members of the international media, and the general public are all welcome to visit Gem Hsin's booth to speak with associates and get an up-close view of the company's LED lamps; including their Topaz series of DC powered desk lamps and Albite series of stylish LED tube lamps. COMPUTEX is especially ideal for OEM/ODM service discussions and interested parties will be greeted by high-ranking Gem Hsin team members throughout the week.

Officially launched and unveiled for the first time ever at COMPUTEX, Gem Hsin's booth will feature their Topaz series of DC powered LED desk lamps. Designed to provide light beside desktop or notebook computers, these efficient 2W LED desk lamps use only 5V of DC USB power and provide three levels of brightness with gentle touch control. With its ice cube design, the Topaz series of LED desk lamps take advantage of Gem Hsin's heat dissipating array patent, giving them longer lifetimes of at least 30,000 hours and better performance, as well as Gem Hsin's LED light homogenization patent that generates gentle and smooth radiation, making light pleasant and easy-on-the-eyes. Also featured at the Gem Hsin booth will be their Albite series of LED tube lights with their unique designs and availability in simple wall mounts, desktop, or floor stand styles. Made to be stylish and easy to use, the Albite series of tube lights are designed to give users an attractive LED lamp that save energy as well as money. Using only 8 watts of power from a 110-220V AC source, they emit 450lm of light with a Color Rendering Index of 80 in a 4000K color temperature. In addition to their availability in a desktop and floor lamp style, Gem Hsin's Albite tube lights also come in a wall mount style that provides adjustable beam directions and helps to conserve space. With lifespans of at least 30,000 hours, operation temperature ranges of -20°C to 40°C, and two year warranties, Gem Hsin's LED lighting products emit no UV radiation, low heat, and provide non-glare, zero-flicker lighting.

Formerly known as Jstac Corporation, Gem Hsin Electronics Co. Ltd., was reorganized and renamed in May, 2011. With many years of experience and customers around the world, Gem Hsin Electronics is focused on being a professional LED lighting supplier for personal, indoor commercial, and outdoor industrial applications.

About Gem Hsin Electronics Co. Ltd.
Dedicated to saving energy and enhancing LED technology, Gem Hsin Electronics is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of LED lamps. Innovation is prioritized with ideas at Gem Hsin Electronics aiming to improve electricity and light efficiencies, increase life-spans, reduce wastes, and upgrade quality of life. As a professional OEM/ODM supplier, Gem Hsin Electronics works to give customers friendly LED lighting solutions of the best quality and value.

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