The industry of wholesale jewelry usually deals in fashion and costume jewelry. Fashion and costume jewelry are affordable interpretations of popular pieces made by high-end designers or worn by movie or music stars.

The industry of wholesale jewelry usually deals in fashion and costume jewelry. Fashion and costume jewelry are affordable interpretations of popular pieces made by high-end designers or worn by movie or music stars.

Wholesale jewelry is a way of buying these pieces for the same price as the retailers pay, directly from the manufacturer. As fashion jewelry is produced so quickly to work with the fast-paced world of fashion, the manufacturers mass-produce items in one season that may not be so popular the next. As a buyer this can give you an advantage. Many large retailers will sell the jewelry they have overstocked to the consumer at wholesale jewelry prices. Because the world of fashion often comes around full circle, you can buy these pieces for low prices and store them until that particular style comes to the forefront again.

Wholesale jewelry is generally machine manufactured and will use imitation stones and metals. Such imitation stones include Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia. Moissanite is a convincing substitute for diamonds. So convincing that professional jewelers have trouble telling the two apart at first glance. Cubic Zirconia is also used as an affordable alternative to diamonds, but can also be colored to impersonate other precious stones. Because of the cost, likeness and durability of Cubic Zirconia, it has remained the important competitor to diamonds since the 1970’s.

When you purchase wholesale jewelry most companies will have a minimum purchase order, the minimum order is usually reasonable and because of the low price of wholesale jewelry, affordable to the average consumer.

Buying wholesale jewelry is a major part of a growing fashion business. Wholesale jewelry is strategically placed by the relevant clothing and lined up by the checkout. The placement of wholesale jewelry in a clothing store is crucial, and the right placement can really drive up revenue. Next time you are in a clothing store, look at how the jewelry is placed in the layout of the store and you will notice that to get to the checkout, you have to weave through a labyrinth of wholesale jewelry. For the consumer, the price of wholesale jewelry is very affordable and picking up a couple of extra items on the way to the checkout is irresistible.

Choosing a provider of wholesale jewelry really depends on what you are you looking for and what style your store is representing. Hip-hop wholesale jewelry is big business, with many people wanting the ‘bling’ of the hip-hop megastars but not having the budget to buy diamond-encrusted platinum. But if your store is geared more towards mainstream fashion, then hip-hop jewelry may look out of place.

For every style there is a provider of wholesale jewelry ready to meet your needs. But remember, although wholesale jewelry is cheaper than regular jewelry; make a concerted effort to see as little of the quality compromised as possible. If you want your customers to continue using your business, you need to find the perfect balance between cost and quality, and you only find this balance through research and product sampling.

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