Abdominal pain is the discomfort felt in the abdomen that can have many different causes, from inflammation and loss of blood supply to contraction of the intestinal muscles. Those who want to know what is abdominal pain, what are the types of abdominal pain, what are the tests and remedies for abdominal pain should look for information online. With the click of a button and a quick research they can learn about appendicitis, constipation, hepatitis, pancreatitis, kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic infections and all the other diseases that can cause stomach ache.

The diagnosis of the cause is often difficult, mostly because some diseases can mimic others, but also because symptoms can be atypical. For example, although most patients feel pain the right upper abdomen when they experience an inflamed appendix, for some people the pain is located in the left side of the abdomen or even more than that, they don’t experience no pain at all. Only qualified and experienced doctors can determine the cause of abdominal pain through physical examination and different tests (blood tests, urine tests, ECG, endoscopy etc.)

The answer to this question – what is abdominal pain? – is not simple at all, on contrary, those who want to find out everything about it should first know that there are many different types of abdominal pain. Upper and lower abdominal pain, acute abdominal pain and chronic abdominal pain, each type has its own characteristics depending on the location, pattern, duration of the pain.

Lower pain in the right side of the abdomen is usually a sign of appendicitis, when the appendix becomes swollen and inflamed it causes severe tummy pain, followed by other health problems such as fever, constipation or sometimes diarrhoea. If is not removed, an irritated appendix is likely to burst or perforate and lead to peritonitis, a serious life-threatening infection.

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