Travel Car Centre, Australia’s leading vehicle rental firm put emphasis on safety in addition to quality and price.


Travel Car Centre, Australia’s leading vehicle rental firm put emphasis on safety in addition to quality and price.


Sydney, Australia, June 2011 – Travel Car Centre who are amongst the most popular vehicle hire companies in Australia broaden their marketing objectives by highlighting their policy on safety.


Bruno Frischknecht Director of Travel Car Centre says, ‘Car Hire should not only be affordable it has to be safe as well. For far too long all we have been hearing about is affordability and profit margins with little reference to the safety and maintenance of the vehicles, we are proud to be different. Sure we want to provide affordable vehicles that meet the needs of our clients but our main emphasis in always on safety’.


A large proportion of people who hire vehicles in Australia want to get out into the bush and beyond and see all of what the fabulous country has to offer so a safe and reliable vehicle is essential. Due to the sheer size of the country immediate roadside assistance may be problematic so high levels of maintenance must be maintained.


Bruno Frischknecht goes on to say. ‘After running Travel Car Centre for more than a decade we have seen many rental companies come and go. At the moment there are many rental providers charging cheap rates but neglecting the service and maintenance of the vehicles. Travel Car Centre puts safety first and maintains the Car Campervan 4WD hire fleet with our own trained and experienced Swiss Mechanics so the customers can always rely 100% on their hired car, campervan or 4WD vehicle’.


As well as high performance and well maintained vehicles, Travel Car Centre also take great pride in the level of customer service they offer. With depots in Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane and Cairns they aim to broaden their reputation for affordable hire vehicles where safety is the first priority.


Bruno Frischknecht concludes by saying, ‘We are confident that our all round quality of service will continue to see our operations expand and our client base further increase.


Since their inception in 1986, Travel Car Centre has seen their market share grow from strength to strength. They have a large range of vehicles to suit all budgets and personal requirements.


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