With foreign holidays averaging a staggering £1,500 many British families are choosing to take their annual vacation closer to home.

With foreign holidays averaging a staggering £1,500 many British families are choosing to take their annual vacation closer to home.

With no sign of the grip of recession loosening, some estimates are that 35% of us will holiday on UK shores in 2011 giving a welcome boost, to the tune of 7.2 billion, to the British Tourism Industry. In recent news North Devon is currently in the running to host the Atlantic Watersport Games in July this year due to the last minute withdrawal of Wales as hosts due to budget cuts.  If successful in its bid to host this prestigious world class sporting event, North Devon could benefit from up to £14 million in revenue and investment together with an additional 60,000 visitors from across Europe.

Taking a holiday is an important institution in Britain, so much so that even though most are feeling the pinch, they will do whatever it takes to have that well earned break. Data has revealed that 20% of adults in the UK are making cut backs in order to fund their holidays. Eating out less, selling items on EBay and spending less on consumer goods are some of the attempts to save money in order to fund their travels.

During the peak time of the holiday season, airports are packed to the gunnels with families often enduring long delays, cancellations, lost and damaged luggage. Holidaying at home has the benefits of taking this dreaded part of the equation away.

Devon and Cornwall are two of the top domestic holiday destinations. With their lush countryside, charming villages and some of the best coastlines in the British Isles it makes the perfect getaway.  Living the outdoor life is as popular as ever with campsites in Cornwall reporting record reservations. With Met Office predictions of a hot summer, holidays parks in Cornwall should be bursting at the seams with holiday parks in Devon following suit.

A spokesperson for Wooda Farm, holiday park Cornwall told us, “this year really is promising to beat all expectations with the levels of people coming to the West Country. We are located in Bude which means that we can accommodate those who are wishing to explore both Devon and Cornwall.”

So if you are one of those British families intending to holiday in the UK this year why not take a look at what is on offer in Devon and Cornwall and stay at one of the multitude of campsites on offer. Camping is increasingly being seen as the cost effective way of taking the whole family on holiday. Not only is it cheaper, it can also be so much more fun and relaxed for parents and it gives the kids the opportunity to experience the “great outdoors” and to get away from more indoor based pursuits. With its great location in North Devon, Wooda Farm is well worth checking out as it offers a perfect base for exploring both counties of Cornwall and Devon.

For further information visit:  www.wooda.co.uk or you can check them out on Facebook to see what other campers have enjoyed during their recent visits, or follow them on Twitter.