Do you like local? If so, then RSA Made will make you feel right at home. They make it accessible for you to bring South Africa to the rest of the world, supplying South African based products to global customers. RSA Made believes in standing with the local producers, manufacturers, employees, and the suppliers of South Africa. Making the love of South African goods more accessible through their website. Not only that, but they provide the platform, the advertising, and the audience for those who want to distribute their products through RSA Made.

You can find a massive variety on RSA Made’s website, from safari board games, locally made beer from township breweries, local tees, bags of charcoal for those lekker braais, even to electric bikes! That really shows that they provide every product you will need. All of this is displayed on their online shopping site, with easy navigation of product selection and a simple check-out system. Not to mention delivery being within 48-hours if you are based in South Africa – talk about speed.

Registering to becoming a vendor is as easy as filling out a form that is located on RSA Made website, the submission of application is free of charge. However, the vendor needs to be a Proudly South African member in the company. The reasoning for this is that Proudly South African is in partnership with RSA Made. Proudly South African is a well-known brand that’s been running for more than two decades, their sole purpose is encouraging South Africans to buy local. Their campaign was created based on boosting consumption of local products, made by South Africans and to tourists visiting the beautiful country. The distribution to tourists would lead to economic transformation and job growth within South Africa.

Brands shifting to the e-commerce sector have been given the upper hand when it comes to small independent retailers. Thinking of the technology take over within the past few recent years, consumers tend to reach more and more towards digital shopping habits. RSA Made uses e-commerce to stay ahead and still being able to grow, produce and manufacture goods locally, making products available to local South Africans. Browse through their website for a look of their local selection at

About RSA Made

RSA Made is an extension of Proudly South African – the brand – as a full-on e-commerce sector. RSA Made openly displays their main vision and purpose, which is to give South African products an opportunity to be placed into the palms of local and global consumers.