It is a misconception that air plants do not need water and can grow well without giving them water. They are given this name because they can survive for a long time without water but still they need a little water because they can survive only a certain period of time without water after which if they are not watered they are died. During the period they are not getting water they remain dormant and tried to survive. But still it is interesting to know that they can survive a long time period without water. Mostly these types of plants are use for decorative purposes and many people find it easy for decoration purpose as it does not require regular car. Tillandsia is example of plant that belongs to this class.

Tillandsia class of plants does not need very good quality of water and water with pH around 8 is suitable for them. Artificially softened water is not suitable for this plant as this water contains high amount of sodium within it which is not good for this kind of plant. This water leads the plant to slow death. Distilled water should also not used for watering because of its purity. Distilled water due to its purity pulls out all the nutrients out from plant tissue leading gradually to death. For the proper growth of this plant, water it twice or thrice a week. Only misting is not suitable so sink whole plant in bucket of water so that each part of plant gets enough water.

If you have not given your plant the time it required then your plant is neglected. If a plant still has a single green leaf then don’t throw it as it can survive still. Immerse your plant in water completely for 12 hours and then 4 hours daily 2 to 3 days and then carryout normal water cycle. Your plant starts growing again by following this watering cycle. If you are going anywhere for several months then place your plant at a shady place where you’re any sprinkle system throws water on it. Air plants are not normal plants and certain things should be followed so that they grow in a healthy manner.    

First factor for its healthy growth is water and second is light. The plant must be given adequate light for proper growth. Allow as much light as you can to your tillandsia but keep in mind the light should be such that it cannot burn plant. Don’t give it all day sunlight as the plant gets burn because they are sensitive plants. Allow them sunlight for a particular time period that does not blaze them. They can survive for a wide temperature range which is the reason of its popularity. These plants have many benefits to grow them inside house.

Tillandsia does not require prompt fertilization but giving them fertilizers increases their growth. If you fertilize it unnecessary then your plant may be lead to death. Wrong fertilization also kills your plant. Using a good combination of fertilizers once in a month enhances growth of your plant. This plant is perfect for shipping and transportation purposes as it can survive without water for a particular time period. Soak plant completely in water and after drying the plant is ready for shipping purpose. 


Willing to buy the plants for your home then you must try air plants  and  tillandsia   which will make your house more beautiful.