The company served country around the year and in time of need it offered much advanced security systems at the minimal possible rates. The company has many stories to appreciate but the most recent ones are the Push Video Alert. In today’s world of advanced technology it is a necessity to make things real time.

The olden Instant JPEG system is not appropriate and beneficial in safeguarding property. Many a times the image system is not able to capture the photo of the burglar or the culprit and therefore is useless. This is not the case with latest Push Video technology, it will shoot the video few minutes before the intrusion alarm and till the user wants it to. Thus it allows the user to see and know the incident in detail and so to cope with it in better way. It does so by video recording the incident and allowing the user to view and operate it in real time through iPhone or android phones. If in case there is some network problem and it is not able to transmit the signal, it will instantly record the incident few minutes before and few minutes after the intrusion alarm. The intrusion alarm is detected based on the sensor system it is built-in with

The security camera systems with this Push Video technology have many additional advantages. To mention a few, they are built-in microphone, external alarm, 1.3 megapixel camera, HD 720p video recording, remote surveillance, playback technology, built-in memory storage and much more. Such modern IP surveillance cameras are very useful for security reasons in domestic as well as commercial establishments. For remote surveillance and regulation, the company offers EagleEye software system. This system once installed and registered in any media device (that supports the system) starts working instantly and can be operated from distant locations.

People of US are thereby also advices to stay updated with such modern technologies and always practice using them. The company offers all the security systems at reasonable rates and these days they are giving an extra discount on each. People who wish to upgrade their home or office security system can visit <a href=""></a> and choose from the best available latest technologies.