Most homes in the UK now are looking for a cost effective way to keep cool in the predicted hotter summers which are coming our way. 

Most homes in the UK now are looking for a cost effective way to keep cool in the predicted hotter summers which are coming our way. 

If you are looking to make your home more comfortable in hot weather then why not look for a portable air conditionerthat will also de-humidify, cool and even heat if the need arises. It will not break the bank to purchase one of these all-in-one portable air conditioners, in fact you may save money, if you are looking to purchase an appliance that is mobile and can be relocated easily to another room as required.

There are many portable air conditioning unitson the market that have more than one function, as not only can these units cool your home, but they also come with additional features such as dehumidify, fan-cool and heat as well.


Portable air conditionerscan be used in many areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, garages, sheds, motor-homes and caravans. They are easy to store, easy to use and, more importantly, require no installation.


Portable air conditioningis the answer to those looking for a cost effective solution to cooling their homes and offices without going to the expense of a fully installed system.  The unit should be selected based on the size of room area to cool and model capacity recommendations.


Some units have remote control features which allow you to easily adjust comfort levels, and many models will operate the dehumidifying function independently of the cooling, and thus the home can be dehumidified without having to cool it as well.  It is also important to check the unit for BTU and energy ratings.


When purchasing a unit it is wise to check if there are any filters or parts that will need regular replacement and their availability. Also, if you are using the unit in a bedroom, you may want a quiet operation feature.  It pays to take your time and buy wisely and then you will have many years of use from the unit.


Portable air conditioners are an affordable alternative to installing an air conditioning system in your home and are particularly handy if you live in an apartment or a property you do not own, thus when you move home you just take the unit with you.


Like most household appliances, a portable air conditioner’s power output is rated in kilowatts and generally the bigger the area that you need to cool or heat, the more kilowatts you will need.  Just remember bigger is not always better, if you choose an overpowered unit for a small room, you will feel damp and humid instead of cool and refreshed, however on the other hand a unit that is too small will need to run constantly to cool the area, wasting both energy and money.


A spokesman for Climachill air conditioning specialists located on the South coast of the UK said, “We are specialists in all air conditioning systems and of course we can advise the customer on the best size portable unit which will be ‘fit for purpose’ in their homes and offices.  It is important that the consumer buys the correct size for the area they wish to cool”.


There is so much choice today make sure you choose the best portable air conditioner for your home or office, and thereby make it a long term investment.


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