Zero Wines are racing to the top of the chain already, after being established in 2021, which was just yesterday. Bringing in their own trend of non-alcoholic wine to the market, Zero Wines found a gap in the wine retail market which brought overnight success. Their offerings are wide and versatile, the non-alcoholic range has grown to clean drinking, health-conscious consumers with the option to explore non-alcoholic alternatives. This results in an option for every person.

Zero Wines advocates for freedom, they want you to enjoy the party, a night by yourself, whichever situation it may be, Zero ensures an option for you whether you are religious, an alcoholic wanting to quit, stressed, driving, or even in a social setting. Zero Wines allows you to feel included, without jeopardising your health, life, or your way of living. Besides joining the global trend of becoming an e-commerce store, they are focused on delivering a healthy lifestyle and mindful drinking. Promoting their idea of freedom of choice and mindfulness by offering a diverse range of de-alcoholised and alcohol-free wine products for those who want to enjoy a glass of wine without the effects that come along with alcohol.

The directors and founders of Zero Wines are Meekness Lunga-Ayidu and Shannon Dore, who mainly focuses on the marketing and operation sectors of the business. Their approach to this business idea was in response to busier lifestyles, technological advances, demands for convenience and safe shopping experiences to make light of the pandemic, and other health factors.

A fun fact which relates to Zero Wines, is the difference between alcohol-free and de-alcoholised wine. Non-alcoholic and de-alcoholised are essentially the same, it is produced from wine that has been fermented with yeasts and has undergone a vinification process, followed by an additional process of having the alcohol removed, with as little as 0.5% chance of alcohol still being present. Alcohol-free is guaranteed of carrying 0% alcohol, however the flavourful wine taste will not be found. Which range fits your lifestyle? Find out more when visit Zero Wines website at

About Zero Wines

Zero Wines provides alcoholic wine beverage alternatives, ensuring inclusivity to all on a night out. Whether your taste buds belong with white, red, rose, or sparkling wine there is an option for you without the risk of a hangover or remembering bad choices made from the night before. Zero Wines wants to fit in your healthy lifestyle and encourages everyone to have the taste without the tipsy.