ULaw Limited, a Cheshire based accidents at work claims management firm is revamping its consumer protection policies to bring in more transparency in their modus operandi and earn more credibility among their claimants. The firm only appoints SRA certified personal injury solicitors who are learned and highly experienced individuals working closely with various reputed claims management firms. One ULaw spokesperson recently expressed in a press meet that the company is reinforcing its policies to ensure that the claimants get best legal service and do not get deceived by the counterfeit ‘solicitors’. The company itself is authorized by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and their Activities Number is CRM27515. The Cheshire based work accident compensation claims managing firm encourages all its present and prospective clients to check its Authorization Status from the MOJ website which is considered the most authentic source of information about these claims management companies.
The company also encourages general public to know more about the role of SRA. SRA or Solicitors Regulation Authority is an independent regulatory council formed by the Law Society of England and Wales. The council is the sole competent authority to monitor the solicitors and work accident solicitor firms of England and Wales. Apart from that, the council also regulates and monitors Registered Foreign Lawyers (RFL) and Registered European Lawyers (REL). The council determines and defines the Principles and Code of Conduct for the accident at work claim experts and all other types of solicitors in the country. The council reserves the right to issue and impose disciplinary sanction against individual practitioners and law firms.
The objective of the claims management firm, ULaw Limited behind underpinning their consumer protection policies is to safeguard the interests of their clients. Whether the no win no fee accidents at work compensation claim solicitors are doing a commendable job or misusing the existing provisions is a much controversial issue in and outside the parliament. ULaw aims at providing transparent legal solutions to all their clients and the decision to appoint SRA certified solicitors only is a small yet impactful step towards ensuring the interests of the compensation claimants.
For more info on ULaw accidents at work claims management services or to claim online, visit http://www.accidentatwork.org.uk/ or call 0800-849-3355 for a free legal consultation.