FL Dentists Tampa Smiles is offering a revolutionary system called Power Zoom bleaching system, considered the most effective treatment to whiten teeth.

FL Dentists Tampa Smiles is offering a revolutionary system called Power Zoom bleaching system, considered the most effective treatment to whiten teeth.

The Power Zoom tooth whitening system is a combination of techniques suitable for almost all kinds of teeth including those resistant to bleach. It is a three-step process that begins with a session at the dentist’s office where the teeth are prepared to make them ready to absorb the bleaching gel followed by the at-home bleaching tray application for 14 days. After the 14th day, the final whitening takes place at the dentist’s office, resulting in the whitest teeth possible.

Speaking about the Power Zoom Whitening system, Dr.John J. Redd II, DMD said, “It is natural for teeth to get discolored over the years and this happens for many reasons. It can be due to aging, drinking coffee, tea, or wine, and consuming tobacco. Medications can also change tooth color. At Tampa Smiles, our revolutionary Power Zoom tooth whitening system is suitable for most types of teeth and lets you enjoy the whitest teeth you can hope for in 15 days. Although the level of whitening varies from individual to individual, Power Zoom whitening gets the best results. ”

Unlike other whitening systems, the Power Zoom technique uses custom-made trays that allow excess bleaching gel and seals at the gum line, keeping the bleach in place and ensuring a high level of success.

The whitening gel used is acid free to ensure that teeth and restorations, fillings, crowns, and teeth roots are not damaged. The proprietary gel used by Tampa Smiles, FL, helps clean the tooth surface, allowing the gel to infiltrate these pores, allowing for significantly better results.

Dr. John Redd II remarked, “At the final visit, we apply a clear glossy protective coating on the teeth to minimize the possibility of foods staining the teeth and provide instructions to ensure the effect of the treatment lasts for the longest time. We also make sure our patients’ dental experience is comfortable and relaxing and offer a number of amenities such as internet access, television, and satellite radio in our pleasantly appointed reception area.”

At Tampa Smiles, the treatment plans are designed based on a thorough evaluation of the patient and by involving them in the process and helping them achieve their short term and long term oral health goals. Care is taken to ensure that patients understand exactly what is involved before treatment options are discussed and finalized.

As one of the most effective teeth whitening techniques, Power Zoom whitening by Tampa Smiles has been used on Extreme Makeover.

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