Pet owners have option of purchasing medications at their convenience at an affordable cost from leading Canadian online pharmacy.



Pet owners have option of purchasing medications at their convenience at an affordable cost from leading Canadian online pharmacy.


Pet ownerships are in the rise and according to recent reports of American Pet Products Association (APPA) 72.9 million households own a pet. The spending on pets including treatment, medications and other pet products are also in the rise. Reports place the annual pet spending in the range of $48 billion. A whopping $14 billion is spent only into veterinary care alone in 2011 and $ 10 billion was recorded on OTC pet medications in year 2010. These facts indicate the importance the American people place on their pets and their medications and supplements. While facts and figures are in shortage, the same trends are observed in other parts of the world, especially in developed economies with aging populations. Pets take a major place in households where children have grown and left the parents, making elderly couples raise pets for companionship.


Most owners of pets consider their pets as their best friends and tend to pamper them at length. In addition, the average cost of a pet has risen over the years, justifying the costs incurred in maintaining them in good health. A cost of a pure bread pup is currently in the range of $ 350. Therefore it is not difficult to understand why pet owners take into account safety and welfare of their pets, and strive to ensure that their health and nutrition is in good condition to keep them happy, contented and healthy.


Often proper care of pets can be costly, and because of these high prices many pets are far too often improperly cared for. OTC and prescription medications for pets are usually available in brick and mortar pharmacies but priced at exorbitant prices that sometimes surpass human drug prices. A spokesperson from a leading Canadian online pharmacy, Big Mountain Drugs says that it has been providing a reliable alternative to unregulated pet medication prices and high veterinarian fees by providing pet medications at affordable prices online. Reviews of the Company’s customers reveal that they are very satisfied with the prices as well as the service given by Big Mountain Drugs. They say that they can get the same pet medicines that are available at their local drug stores from Big Mountain Drugs but at prices that they can afford to pay on behalf of their pets. The fact that pet owners can now order the medications for their pets, online rather than from their neighborhood drugstore has made the lives of these pet owners very convenient.


The company offers affordable generic as well as branded pet medications. All pet medicines offered at Big Mountain Drugs are produced and tested by leading manufactures ensuring superior quality and value.


The website interface is customer friendly, facilitating a hassle free online purchase experience. For example, the site gives information on pet medication individually with their side effects on pets, or any and precautions to be taken when giving the medicine to pets. This helps out the customers to treat their pets in a better manner.


Pet owners who purchase pet medications over have a number of other advantages apart from the ease of purchase and affordable prices. These are (a) an attractive rewards system on its prescription as well as over-the-counter pet medications. (b) A coupon system offered to customers by partnering with,which is the largest coupon site in the web specializing in on-line pharmacy coupons. Combined with all these benefits, the company offers absolute advantage for pet owners to order their pet medications online, instead of shopping for them in conventional pharmacies.


Pet owners are safe in purchasing medications for their beloved pets from Big Mountain Drugs as the company is accredited by the Collegeof Pharmacists of British Columbia as well as the International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), and in addition has Pharmacychecker membership