San Clemente, CA. — When couples announce their engagement and begin preparing for their 'big day', they have a lot on their mind. It often seems that the wedding planning and coordination process is endless. There's reserving the venue, ordering the flowers, catering, photography, dresses, tuxes, etc. And during the midst of all this craziness, the last thing most couples think about is making a dentist appointment. But as the New Year begins, Orange County, CA wedding dentist Dr. Eric Johnson is hoping to change all that.
Early this year, Dr. Johnson's office announced the launch of their new tooth whitening packages for wedding couples. Dr. Johnson hopes these specials will compel the bride and groom to take some time to think about how their smile will look on the one day where they will most likely be on camera more than any other in their lives.
"Most people want whiter teeth-especially when preparing for their wedding day" Dr. Johnson says. "And toward that end, it is important to start with a basic knowledge of why teeth are discolored, then taking some steps to address these issues. Simple techniques (like the ones used in our clinic) can be helpful in reducing tooth discoloration, making your teeth brighter and shinier when you smile for the cameras."
Dr. Johnson is offering engaged couples three different types of teeth whitening for wedding specials:
    Bride Whitening Package
    Bride & Groom Whitening Package
    Wedding Party Group Package 
"Our team members love whitening teeth. It's impactful, economical, efficient, and conservative. It's just fun!" Dr. Johnson continues. "And we would love the opportunity to help you and your entire wedding party put on your very best smile for the big day."
More Than a Typical Dentist Appointment
Up to this point, if you were thinking these tooth whitening specials are just a 'run of the mill' trip to the dental office, think again! In fact, these are not really dentist appointments so much as they are personal wedding whitening events, complete with customization and tailoring options limited only by the couple's imagination. Some examples of add-ons that are available with Dr. Johnson's packages are:
    Live Music (Pianist/Harpist)
    5-Star Breakfast
    Wine & Fruit/Cheese Platters
    Chocolate Fountains
    A Personal Masseuse
    Whatever else the couple can think of…
"We wanted to make this more than just a routine trip to the dentist. We wanted this to be a special event all by itself. One that will help set the tone for the main event a few days later, while creating a lasting memory that the bride and groom will cherish for a lifetime."
With southern Californians continually seeking new and different ways to spoil themselves, these full service teeth whitening for wedding packages appear to be just what the doctor ordered. For more information about Dr. Eric Johnson DDS, go to
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