New Jersey – NOV 10, 2014

New Jersey – NOV 10, 2014
Eczema a skin condition which has a wide range of causative factors depending on the affected child’s background, although not a fatal or threatening condition has deep psychological effects on the affected child and family. Lifeforce Homeothapy a leading homeothapic clinic says that the first step in eczema treatment is to understand that it is a condition on the skin and not of the skin. Creating such an understanding of the condition enables the parents or a guardian of the child to embrace it is curable. It also helps to alleviate the mental stress that comes with knowing your child is sick.

The next and most important step is having a proper record of the child’s social and medical history. Homeothapy as an alternative and natural method of treatment hinges on the fact that the body is able to restore itself under the right conditions and potentiated substances. It is therefore imperative to know what the body has been exposed to, how it reacts to certain substances in order to administer the proper treatments.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, agrees, “In most instances, after talking to parents they can almost immediately pinpoint the start of or worsening the condition to an event in their child’s life such as a move to a new city, introduction to new foods or even another illness.”

Proper and successful treatment for eczema is most appreciated not only in the child’s improving health but also in the general peace and wellness of the family at large.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is viewed as a normal and minor condition but is quite disturbing and robs the child of peace. Young children who are unable to express their discomfort cry a lot causing the rest of the family stress and worry. The condition is caused by changes in food diet, allergies to certain food or general constipation.

IBS treatment through conventional methods involves treating each of the symptoms individually. The condition is identified when test results for other bowel conditions turn negative making it also hard to treat. Homeothapy on the other hand is holistic and treats more than the bowel symptoms, as it is a therapeutic for irritable bowel syndrome treatment.

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