Leading Canadian online pharmacy provides patients refill reminders of their prescription medicine free of charge.



Leading Canadian online pharmacy provides patients refill reminders of their prescription medicine free of charge.


Big Mountain Drugs is a leading Canadian online pharmacy which provides to its online customers high quality drugs at very affordable prices. It offers genuine generic as well as branded prescription and over the counter medication. It gives many benefits to its customers apart from the wide range of medication offered. Some of these benefits are a (1) a popular rewards program where it gives existing customers with a 5% credit on future orders (2) it gives coupons for certain drugs by partnering through www.OnlinePharmacyCoupons.com,which is the largest coupon site in the web specializing in on-line pharmacy coupons. (3) There is a friendly and efficient customer care staff that communicates and assists customers to make their orders. (4) The prescription as well as over-the counter medicine orders are filled by a fully licensed staff who are certified pharmacists.


In addition to all these benefits, Big Mountain Drugs has introduced a free refill reminder service of medicine to its customers, so that customers will never have a situation where they will run out of their medication.


Not refilling prescription medicines is a problem that many people deal with on a daily basis.  Some of the most common reasons that patients find it difficult to get their refills include: certain medicines are too costly, the bothersome side effects, no transportation to the pharmacy, unaware of how to take or use the medicine, inconvenient to use, feel that the medicine is no longer working, along with many other reasons. It should be noted that not refilling patients’ medicine on time or are stopping their medicines could cost them more in the long run with grave health consequences, particularly for patients with heart disease.  In order to promote better health, refilling medications can directly decrease the risk of developing heart disease complications or deaths related to other illnesses. The American Heart Association says that “more than half of all Americans with chronic diseases do not follow their doctor’s recommendations for taking medications and changing their lifestyles.”, and one study found that 40% of patients did not refill their prescription medicines for heart related conditions.


Therefore, refilling of prescription medicine is vital to patients’ health. In order to make patients’ lives more convenient, this service of reminding customers that their prescription drugs need to be refilled is a very useful service indeed.


The way the refill reminders are done is that Big Mountain Drugs sends an email and/or calls the customer when it’s time for him/her to make a refill order of their drugs. When they get the email or phone call, the customer simply have to log into the pharmacy web page by inputting their unique user ID and password. This service is free of charge. The company ensures a fast shipping policy where orders being shipped from Canada will arrive in 9 to 14 business days and overseas orders will arrive in 14 to 18 business days. The customer can talk to the fully licensed staff available who are certified pharmacists on their queries on the refilling their prescription orders, who are ever-ready to assist them. It has to be noted that getting in the good habit of refilling medicines on time can help patients get the most benefit of their medicines and even save money in the long run.