Missing Link Music is proud to release the debut single by hit songwriter and world renowned vocalist, Ms. Mone't. Missing Link Music will be releasing Ms. Mone't's cover of "At This Moment" on May 24th, which was originally written and recorded by Billy Vera and The Beaters and was most recently covered by Michael Buble in 2009. Ms. Mone't has written for artists like Lucy Pearl, Leela James, and Booty Luv; her music has also been featured in "So You Think You Can Dance" and she has toured extensively with Boz Scaggs and most recently with Raphael Saadiq, providing backup vocals for both artists. 

"At This Moment" is the first song to be released through Missing Link Music, which is also a rights management, publishing, label services and administration company. "We have represented Ms. Mone't as a songwriter for over ten years. Now that we are also offering label services, it's great to work with her in that capacity as well," said the President of Missing Link Music, JD Dallam. "Missing Link Music has been a long time supporter of Ms Mone't and it's a great privilege for us to release her debut single which will launch her solo career," said A&R Todd Schefflin. 

"At This Moment" will be released to iTunes on March 24th through Missing Link Music, and can be purchased here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/at-this-moment-single/id438318750. Click here to preview the song on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SYGHUJ3bxI. 


Missing Link Music, LLC is a full service rights management, publishing, label services and administration company which represents close to 400 songwriters and producers, many of whom have written for artists like David Bowie, Prince, Nine Inch Nails, Drake, Lil Wayne, Erykah Badu, R. Kelly, Joss Stone, Mary J. Blige, Luther Vandross, Al Green and many others. 

Recent hits administered by Missing Link Music include "Mr. Carter" and "I'm Single" by Lil Wayne, "Shut It Down" by Drake featuring The-Dream, "I Like The Way She Do It" by G-Unit, "Playa Cardz Right" by Keyshia Cole, "Stay With Me (By The Sea)" by Al Green and "Women Lie, Men Lie" by Yo Gotti featuring Lil Wayne. 

In 2011, Missing Link Music launched Missing Link Recordings to offer label services and release master recordings. Missing Link Music will release the debut single by Ms. Mone't, "At This Moment" on May 24th which also serves as the debut release from Missing Link Recordings.