GoGo Tuners celebrates the release of the critically acclaimed TT-1 Clip-On tuner with addition of the following endorsements.

Bill Leverty-http://www.leverty.com 

GoGo Tuners celebrates the release of the critically acclaimed TT-1 Clip-On tuner with addition of the following endorsements.

Bill Leverty-http://www.leverty.com 
Guitarist, songwriter and founder of the band Firehouse has been rockin' for over a decade. Their music has taken them all over the world and has produced Gold, Platinum, and Multi-Platinum records in the United States and countries abroad. In 2011, FireHouse released their 20th anniversary re-record album, FULL CIRCLE. The album contains eleven previously released songs, but FireHouse re-recorded them in an up-to-date format.

"This is one awesome tuner. It is extremely accurate, so I can use it live and in the studio with my acoustic and electric guitars. Whoever designed this is a freakin' genius!" ~ Bill Leverty

Paul Marshall

Signed by Bob Keane in 1966 and became Mustang Records recording artists, releasing singles while Paul was still a junior in High School. After a couple of years at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Paul returned to L.A. in 1969 and joined the million selling band, the Strawberry Alarm Clock, touring, recording, and featuring an appearance in the cult classic, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Later, Paul took up electric bass, and soon was gigging with Hank Thompson, Johnny Tillotson, George Highfill, Mary Kay Place, and many others and recording for labels both major and indie. Paul has been writing songs since his first Mustang record release, and some of those who have recorded them include Patty Loveless, Juice Newton, Highway 101, Jill Sobule, and Boy Howdy.

Now a member of the notorious and award winning "I See Hawks In L.A.", Paul can be found with them around Los Angeles, across the U.S.A., and around the world.

Playing with Fur and Steve – bass on their three CD's and live – a McCabe's show coming up on July 2nd.

"I tried it on my acoustic last night. This tuner is fantastic. I love the multi-directional swivel neck that makes it easy to put the screen into any convenient position. The big read-out is excellent. I don't have to squint! The contrast between the readout and the orange screen makes it really readable. And the way the whole screen goes green when it's in tune is fantastic. The multi-instrument or chromatic settings, the A=440 choices, the four different flat settings are all great. And it reads the notes quickly and accurately. This is going to be my tuner of choice. You've got a great product here. I can't imagine any musician not wanting it. A great tuner with excellent features. It really makes it easy to get in tune quickly."

Liz Nash-www.liznash.net Liz Nash, a singer/songwriter originally from New York continues with her original songs of pop/rock/blues carving the music of the future one fan at a time. Her sultry voice has been featured in HBO and has received honorable mentions in "Billboard". With guitar in hand, she has toured extensively including Beijing and Shanghai. Liz has performed her original songs with Eddie Money, The Gin Blossoms, The Motels, and David Bromberg. In her next show, she will be performing an acoustic set on June 30th at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California with Art Alexakis from Everclear.

"I love the retro orange look of the Go Go Tuner and it's so easy and efficient. "Green you're in, red you're out."

Kaura-www.kaura.com "Kaura" (pronounced kay-aura) was born from the vision of infusing the aggressive power of hard, yet melodic rock with the haunting and ethereal sounds of ancient instruments such as the hammered dulcimer and Indonesian Gamelan. They have been invited to open for bands such as Tool, Godsmack, and Rob Zombie and will be releasing their full length debut later in 2011, titled 'That Which Defines Us'. Their music calls to mind bands such as A Perfect Circle, Tool, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Muse, and you can catch them when they hit the road in the fall to support their album." "The GoGo Tuner is great for Kaura because we can use it not only for our guitars but our hammered dulcimers. Its fast , solid, and easy to use in the dark which is great for us during live shows."

Anthony Bambino-http://www.anthonybambino.com/index.shtml Anthony Bambino is an American rock guitarist, performer, composer, clinician, and music producer. With technical brilliance and guitar styles ranging from rock, blues, neo-classical, pop and soul, Anthony Bambino has defined himself as a guitarist with unparalleled ability to combine solid, catchy songwriting with a keen melodic sense and technical fury. From his virtuoso rock solos and melodic guitar instrumentals, to mainstream vocal hits, Bambino's extreme versatility has been showcased in concerts, clinics, hired studio session's, radio commercials, video game soundtracks, as well as on his own solo instrumental albums. Anthony has been featured in numerous major endorsement ads in Guitar Player magazine, Guitar World magazine, as well as his endorsement websites. He is currently finishing up a new instrumental album that will be available late summer, which features some very special surprise guests.

"What an amazing product!!! I have owned every tuner on the market and this one takes the cake by far!!! Small, compact, and VERY accurate…Best of all it's so easy to see on stage in the dark, When I see that light turn green I am confident that my guitar is in perfect tune! Its never been so easy to tune your guitar…..I always have my GoGo Tuner wherever I am playing…

Matt Cusson-mattcusson.com. Matt Cusson has people talking. He's a rising star, a singer/songwriter, with a Voice- soulful, sexy , rich an d poetic. He can play anything from the classics to his own originals and blow listeners away. Those are just a few things being said about Matt. People are not only singing the praises of this incredible young musician, but are quickly becoming devoted fans, ready to tell everyone they know about Matt. Thousands of fans waited breathlessly for Matt's debut solo CD, which was just released December of '08, showcasing Matt's incredible songwriting ability, stunning arrangements, tremendous vocals and ability as both an artist and arranger/producer. This album is receiving fanfare and recognition from fans all around the world, along with fellow musicians and talented artists! It holds true for people like James Taylor, Brian McKnight, "Today" host Meredith Vierra and "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson – all of whom say the same thing: Matt Cusson is an extraordinary musician, a remarkable singer, a gifted piano player and a star on the rise.

"Between the swivel mount, the choice of the internal mic or vibration sensor, and the two colored screen, the GoGo Tuner is by far the easiest and most accurate tuner I've ever used. It has made my recording and performances that much easier!"

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