●   India’s leading music streaming service, Dhingana.com, launches first ever legal application to stream Bollywood and Indian music on BlackBerry handsets for FREE.

●   India’s leading music streaming service, Dhingana.com, launches first ever legal application to stream Bollywood and Indian music on BlackBerry handsets for FREE.

●   Bollywood junkies and Indian music lovers across 250 countries can stream their favorite collection free of cost, on all major BlackBerry handset models.

●   With this app, BlackBerry users get access to 2,50,000+ Bollywood and Indian songs across 34 genres.

●   The app will now make Dhingana available to around 1.5 crore Indian and 80 lakh NRI BlackBerry users across the globe.

Bangalore, November 17, 2011: Dhingana.com, the leading social music streaming service for Bollywood and Indian music, today released the first ever legal application to stream Bollywood music on BlackBerry handsets. Users can download the Dhingana BlackBerry Application for free from the BlackBerry AppWorld. With this application, Indian music lovers using BlackBerry phones in 250+ countries, will have the opportunity to access Dhingana’s collection of more than 2,50,000 songs across 34 genres, directly on their handsets, for free. The application supports all major BlackBerry models including Bold, Torch, Curve & Storm and works well on 2G/GPRS, 3G as well as Wi-fi modes with or without a BlackBerry Internet Service plan. 

With around 1.5 crore BlackBerry users in India and almost 80 lakh NRIs across the globe, the potential for a legal Bollywood music streaming application is huge. However, despite such a large user base, BlackBerry users till now did not have a dedicated Indian music application since not many developers have such a large collection of legal Bollywood and Indian music. Also, resource constrains mean that many developers tend to focus only on larger OS platforms like Android and/or IOS. The beta version of the BB application was released by Dhingana in October 2011 and has already seen a great response with 20,000+ user sessions.

According to Snehal Shinde, Co-founder and CEO, Dhingana.com, “We found that a large number of our users on BlackBerry were using the mobile web browser to access Dhingana. In line with our commitment to take music to all devices and platforms that users choose to access music from, we decided to develop a BlackBerry application since native applications make it a lot easier to interact and consume information for customers.”

Swapnil Shinde, Co-founder and COO, Dhingana.com said “The Dhingana application for BlackBerry is fast and has a very clean and simple interface enabling users to listen to their favourite music instantly from anywhere. Dhingana is already the leading music application on Android and IOS and we expect it to follow the same path on BlackBerry as well.” 

Dhingana users get to enjoy the latest Bollywood songs 7 to 10 days before it is available on CDs. Using the application, users can also create, save and share their playlists with their friends using Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Email or SMS. Since the playlists are saved on Dhingana.com in real-time, users can instantly access them from multiple devices like their phones, iPods and even PCs and tablets. Dhingana application also offers a strong recommendation feature which suggests relevant music to users based on their previous music preferences. Using this application, users can discover new music by getting instant access to popular playlists created by the Dhingana community. When users do not have any particular song preferences, they have an option of simply tuning into ‘Top 50’ songs from 34 different languages using this application. 

To test the application, please click on the following: Dhingana BlackBerry App 

About Dhingana.com:

Dhingana is the leading social music streaming service that allows users to easily discover and enjoy Bollywood and Indian music. It is the leading legal Indian music streaming platform across mobile and web according to Comscore. The Dhingana music platform is accessed by millions of users across 250+ countries every month. The company today has a collection of over 2,50,000 songs across 34 different genres which are available, legally and for free. By using Dhingana, consumers also become device independent and can access their favorite music across different devices and platforms like iPhone / iPad / iPod, Android and BlackBerry based devices, as well as their PCs and laptops. 

Dhingana.com was launched in February 2007, by twin brothers Snehal and Swapnil Shinde. The co-founders come with over 10 years of experience in driving Engineering and Product Management for companies like Yahoo, IBM, Symantec in the past. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Dhingana also has their offices in Pune, India.