Former frontman and prime mover of the popular Plainfield Project band, Ben Fagan, continues to exploit his vision to "spread positivity" with his latest inspiration, "The Freestyle Sessions 1." The CD delivers 8 road-tested tracks that range from funky hip-hop to soulful, reggae-tinged rock. 

The mix of island vibes with urban funk and hip pop equals new…fresh…fusion… It’s a collection that combines the band’s unstoppable knack for making your heart race and your booty shake with irresistible, feel-good grooves and upbeat messages. Appearing are some of Charleston's favorite talents such as Righchus (voted best hip-hop artist 2 years), members from the Plainfield Project (voted best local band 3 years), and Fagan Brothers (Ben joined by his older brother, Chris Fagan). 

Since early 2011, the Holy City Hooligans have been gathering momentum as a force to be reckoned with, drawing a fast-growing base of new and existing fans. In spite of their unpretentious, youthful charm, these spunky 20-somethings have figured out how to stun your senses with the polish and poise of a seasoned act. 

“You have to do something different, these days, to rise above the masses of music out there,” says Fagan. “I've tried straight rock and the pop thing but nothing makes sense to me like funky, soulful grooves. I've hand-picked talented, professional musicians from the Charleston music scene and I run the Hooligan squad like a small record label. Do the work, keep the freedom. I'm blending hip-hop beats with the chill vibes and positive message of reggae and funk to create a dance-able, feel-good experience. Mission #1: Spread positivity to the masses!" 

Showcasing Fagan’s powerful but ever-smooth vocals and colorful bass riffs, the album also features guitarists Carter West (formerly of Plainfield) and Dan Wright (Dan Wright & the New Beat), drummer Jordan Herschaft (formerly of Fusion 5), saxophonist/bass player Casey Atwater (Firework Show), organist Ross Bogan (formerly of Plainfield), guitarist/vocalist Chris Fagan (Fagan Brothers), and vocalist Adam Seigler. Check out the tunes on Facebook ( If you like what you hear, you can purchase on the Facebook store, Reverbnation (, the band website (, iTunes, and at live shows. 

Shannon Coulter
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