Read through this summary of opportunities for your music in the JUNE issue of the international Bandit A&R Newsletter. To pitch direct to the companies looking for your kind of music just click the weblink to set up a FREE INTRO monthly subscription and get the full version of this newsletter absolutely FREE!! 

Read through this summary of opportunities for your music in the JUNE issue of the international Bandit A&R Newsletter. To pitch direct to the companies looking for your kind of music just click the weblink to set up a FREE INTRO monthly subscription and get the full version of this newsletter absolutely FREE!! 

LABEL aims to build a successful roster from talented, focused and hard working artists/bands who have a commercial edge to their music. The label is prepared to build on these base foundations and put time and resources into their development to produce a wave of new and exciting music. Director, Gary Lakin, who was previously involved in management and promotions, is currently seeking submissions from SINGER/SONGWRITERS and INDIE ROCK bands for development deals leading to exclusive record deals. Please send demos or videos, on CD/DVD 

FILM CO is looking for music submissions for a film in pre-production at the moment. Its the second film of a trilogy about East London gang culture with a twist. The first film is being completed now and will be released in December, while the second will start shooting in early 2012. The team is now looking for the next sound track, any genre is acceptable as long as it works for a scene. Licensing Submissions should be sent to Executive Producer. 

LABEL has been set up to give singer/songwriters and bands that are doing something outside of the commercial bracket, a platform to get their sound out there to a wider audience and be part of an experienced collective that has the background, passion and drive to push the music out there through promos, press, radio, on line and general digital release platforms. They are a digital label with influences ranging from FOLK, FUNK, NEO SOUL and EXPERIMENTATION. They are not driven by commercial success but by good music and have great distribution with STATE 51 that secures their releases in all the good major and independent online stores. There is also a very strong network of influencers and tastemakers for promotional activity to build recognition, articles, mentions and plays before the general release. Send a link to your tracks and story to owner Kris. 

LABEL is a three year old imprint that has made waves in the UK national music press and radio with their artists. Owner, Nicholas, says they have 5 acts on the roster so far and release mainly on 7” vinyl which he distributes in the UK, Japan and world-wide by mail order. Nicholas is keen to listen to all kinds of UK BASED commercial bands for possible one off single or album releases and also for live London gigs, as he is also a promoter. The normal deal for releases is a 50/50 split of profits. Please submit a link to your music, biog, pics etc. 

LABEL has been going for over 10 years and is widely regarded as one of the most consistently innovative independent labels releasing DANCE, ROCK and ELECTRONICA. They have also developed a production music library imprint Demos To: 

PRODUCTION CO has worked with acts such as U2, Dido, Phil Collins, Madonna, Sinead O'Connor, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, the Pet Shop Boys, Boy George, Faithless, The Cure, Kylie, The Manic Street Preachers' and many many more. Owner, James, is looking for an act in the Alternative or Adult Contemporary POP areas with whom he can work out a development or limited partnership deal. 

DANCE CHART STAR Alan ?? is looking for a great, commercial, TRANCE backing track in the style of something like Deadmau5 ideally but definitely melodic with great top line potential. The track must be structured for vocals – ie. verse-bridge-chorus etc and be chart friendly. Due to other writers being involved a four way split on the songwriting would probably be the deal. This project has significant music and TV industry names involved with it so any submissions must be of master quality. Check out Alan at the web-site and submit your track to his special email address. 

LABEL is now looking for new great acts to help get them to the next stage of their careers! Nathan, a Music Producer with his own Studio and Record label is looking for serious male/female singer/songwriters with exceptional talent for producing, mentoring, development and possible release in 2011/2012. Deadline for submissions is 17th June 2011. Short-listed singer/songwriters will be notified via email by June 24th 2011. 

LABEL was set up two years ago to release interesting FOLK and ELECTONICA on CD and Vinyl and have both label and publishing divisions. Director, Mark, says they have 11 acts recording for them at present. Mark is keen to audition great musicians in these musical areas from anywhere for possible deals. Please submit by email with links to your music and story. 

PUBLISHING CO is run by Guy who has had 20 years experience in the music publishing industry working for Complete Music, 3MV Music and now has his own company which has a world-wide collection deal with leading independent Kobalt Music. Guy has had songs used by TV, film and advertising companies including "Cold Feet", "Get Over It" and "Pulp Fiction". During his career he has signed Drugstore, Scanner, Black Box Recorder and worked with Primal Scream, The Stranglers and The Buzzcocks. Recent signings include The Pocket Gods and The Low Countries. Guy is interested in representing existing catalogue and publishing new songwriters/bands. Send song links via email or post. 

PRODUCTION CO/LABEL focus’s on making music that other people just can’t anymore! MD, Darragh, says they have provided music for TV documentaries including “City of Hope” about street kids in Brazil. Darragh’s immediate need is for session musicians, Bass, Drums, Guitarists, string players etc for on-going recording work! He is also looking for a label manager who is good at sync deals! 

LABEL incorporating a number of sub-labels dedicated to releasing the best in ROCK music from artists world-wide, past and present. Their focus has always been on supporting their artists first and foremost. The roster is famous for its number of Classic Rock artists. They are looking for established bands who already have experience/reputations in the world of music. Artists should already have a recorded product to present as well as a game-plan of sorts. Representation/Financial backing is always helpful but not necessary. Bands must be willing to work hard and be ready to tour. ROCK and METAL only. Some INDIE considered if it's towards a heavier vain. Please post a physical CD to submit: 

SWEDISH LABEL established in 2009, with a passion for beats with a soul, exploring TECHNO, MINIMAL DEEP HOUSE and TECH HOUSE. Thomas is looking for creative producers within tech house and techno, from anywhere in the world. Please submit download links to your demos. 

LABEL was created by a dedicated team of music lovers, graphic artists and fashion designers. The big idea was to bring all the elements of their club lifestyle under one roof. The Music arm has been in development for the last ten years, during which they have built a state-of-the-art recording studio (available for hire at great rates!) and an interesting music cafe to hang out in. Most importantly they have been finding, developing and supporting original talent across a expansive range of musical styles, from DANCE to JAZZ, WORLD to HIP HOP, SOUL to ROCK. They are a new kind of label, where the word independent means just what it says. Unconventional. Self-determining. No strings attached. The concept is so simple it is almost revolutionary: trust the artist! Please submit by sending a link to your music etc by email: 

MANAGEMENT CO already manage a UK No 1 Triple Platinum Album act. The company is looking, in particular, for young songwriters and charismatic singers and musicians. Send links to three hit songs to. 

LABEL was formed in 2009 and is working with four acts is the ROCK, EXPERIMENTAL, METAL, POP, and FOLK areas. MD, David, is interested in listening to acts in these genres from anywhere in the world who have something slightly different about them. Also he has just started up a publishing division which is interested in representing commercial songs in ANY genre. Submissions are preferred as links etc emailed in to him. 

BOOKING AGENCY known for it’s roster of well known live and DJ talent is expanding to help nurture the UK’s best unsigned talent without taking an agent’s commission initially. If your band can put on a great live show, send Damian your link to your music, pictures, press and story! 

LABEL is interested in new alternative acts from anywhere in the world for a possible record deal or digital distribution. Main man, Mark, says he likes to establish a relationship with new acts he likes the sound of through helping them with digital distribution of existing self released product. This allows both sides to find out how the other side think and work before getting down to major commitment. Mark is ONLY interested in PUNK, METAL, ALT GUITAR, ALT ACOUSTIC and ALT COUNTRY – stuff with a definite edge AND you must have done some touring outside your home town as well as put out a self released record, to show your act has some initiative Send your demo on CD only. 

US LABEL has a goal of putting out great music. From regional compilations, giving local bands their chance to be heard, quality limited vinyl re-issues from punk’s past and a growing roster of active bands. Mick is currently looking for PUNK, OI and HARDCORE bands to sign to the roster. Ideally send a CD etc. 

US PUBLISHER is in the market for Country songs across COUNTRY, SOUTHERN ROCK and BLUEGRASS . Although this is a newer company, it is not without major connections. President, Keith, tells me "We have years of music experience, and we know what the industry wants, because we are in contact with them on a regular basis". Whilst the sounds and style of country music may change over time, the essential ingredients of a strong but simple melody coupled with meaningful lyric remain constant. If you feel you have a great song, send Writer Relations director, Rob T, an mp3 via email and he will certainly respond if it's what he's looking for. 

US PUBLISHER was started in early 2009 by Debras but she has over 20 years experience in the music business before that. Debras is looking for refreshing new style HIT material in the COUNTRY, POP and CHRISTIAN areas. Please email Debs for specific submission guidelines for sending songs on CD with lyric sheets, photo and biog. 

US LAW FIRM has worked with many gold and platinum recording acts, producers and songwriters over the years – see the web-site for detailed history/roster. All styles of music are dealt with but with a focus on ROCK, POP & URBAN. Ben shops deals and negotiate contracts worldwide and is very interested to hear Hit acts, mostly bands/groups that write their own material and that are young and committed. 

US PUBLISHER is looking for is great songs of ALL genres to pitch to TV and Film. David’s background is as a songwriter/producer/publisher. who has had hits in the Gospel and Country genres both in the US and Europe and as a producer had chart songs in England, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands. Songs must be broadcast quality and unpublished. He emphasizes that he is not interested in anything that he can't publish. Most music directors will only deal with the person who controls 100 percent of the rights to the song so you need to own the recording and performance rights as well as the song. If there is an Artist involved include their name. Please submit by email with an mp3 or a link to your track. 

US LABEL has released all kinds of music since 2009. CEO, Henry, is offering 50/50 deals for digital release of exciting new material from anywhere in the world. Just send a link or mp3 by email. 

US LABEL owner James, has devoted the past 22 years to the music business. James is primarily interested in finding extra great songs for his artists to record across the COUNTRY, GOSPEL and COUNTRY ROCK areas. Check out James’ artists at the web-site and send in an mp3 if you have a song that would suit one of them. 

US MANAGEMENT CO do development, management, promotion, deal shopping in the RAP, R&B and ALT ROCK areas. Owner, Shells, says they have music producers, engineers, vocal artists, camaramen, video editors, graphic designers, visual artists, poets,comics, musicians,promoters, etc. all over the country all working to help each other reach their goals. Shells is looking for acts that are polished and ready to go the extra mile and offers artist development and set-up meetings with record label reps as well as radio and club DJays. Submissions are welcome from anywhere in the world as they already have a rapper/singer in Japan and a alternative rock/rap band in Russia. Email first with a track, picture & bio. 

US PUBLISHER is happy to sign new and established artists. They are BMI affiliated so, for now, owner Scott needs BMI contracted people…but that can change instantly. He is not very particular about what types of music comes his way, as long as it's good quality and catchy. Scott is very willing to work with any startup artist who has talent and initiative plus both feet on the ground, no egomaniacs! Please submit with an mp3. 

US PRODUCER is putting together a global music benefit soundtrack for Japan. Artists from all over the world have already submitted tracks for consideration. All genres and styles requested but no swearing / profanity in the lyrics. The majority of the proceeds will go to Japan relief via the American Red Cross however artists will be paid a percentage of profits from full soundtrack sales and individual single download sales of their song. If you would like to offer a track, send a link.