Somersham, Cambridgeshire, UK, January 31, 2012 — A war cry uttered beyond the stars prophesies a great battle and on Earth the search for a saviour begins; ex-military explorer’s thrilling adventures inspire debut science fiction title.

Somersham, Cambridgeshire, UK, January 31, 2012 — A war cry uttered beyond the stars prophesies a great battle and on Earth the search for a saviour begins; ex-military explorer’s thrilling adventures inspire debut science fiction title.

It is 2089 and a brilliant young geologist Petrey Jones finds himself posted to a military ship in the Atlantic charged with the task of discovering new oil reserves. With the global military on the verge of bankruptcy, Petrey and the ship’s crew race northwards to scour the industry-ravaged seabed for new drilling fields. But their mission is interrupted when the ship collides with a massive unseen object that vanishes as quickly as it struck. Aboard the groaning vessel and fearful of another potentially fatal collision, Petrey and the crew search desperately for the cause of the crash but the incident’s only trace is a mysterious substance suspended in the swell of the iron-grey water. Excited and shaken, Petrey sets to work testing the samples in the hope of unearthing their origin, but his tests yield as little information as the crash itself. Convinced that the crash was more than a freak accident, Petrey is consumed by a desperate curiosity to discover its source and when menacing US agents start to harass him on his findings, Petrey’s suspicions are confirmed. Evading Washington’s surveillance, Petrey travels to Africa. Though he tries not to dwell on the crash, impenetrable clues seem to haunt him; he hears tales of a local mining accident – a sudden explosion – which killed many men yet left their bodies intact and the mine shaft clear. Could the two events be related? And is Petrey following the clues or are they following him? Gathering about him a motley team of renegade experts, Petrey unpicks the string of inexplicable phenomena and deciphers an ancient code with a terrifying message. A vendetta from beyond the stars is about to be unleashed upon the Earth. Petrey and his friends must find and warn the mysterious Regby Dornik, the only one who can halt the destruction. But the more Petrey discovers about the impeding battle, the less sure he becomes of whose side he is on.

Regby Dornik: The Chilling Warning, the debut novel from Garth Tuxford, conjures a perilously believable reality whose familiarity makes it all the more frightening. This dystopian science-fiction fantasy evokes a haunting projection of the future in which the UK’s military has been bled dry by authoritarian austerity practises and the struggling military personnel scratch out a living by loaning their services to the world’s new superpowers: oil companies. Unity and loyalty are bought and sold like shares and human and inhuman races alike are faced with the chilling effects of wanton greed and reckless consumption. Regby Dornik: The Chilling Warning delivers a truly exhilarating tale, blending the best of science fiction and adventure thriller. Frightening on many levels, this assured addition to the science fiction genre will delight readers of all ages. Tuxford crafts an immersive world of detail that will grip readers from cover to cover.

About the Author: Garth Tuxford is a world-seasoned traveller and he has personally visited every location that features in Regby Dornik: The Chilling Warning. During a seventeen-year career as a Royal Navy diver and Physical Trainer, Tuxford has been posted to various trouble hotspots across Africa, Asia and Europe and is no stranger to hostile fire. He has also explored some of the most remote and beautiful locations on Earth. He has conducted both underground and underwater caving expeditions, hiked through the Asian rainforest, explored volcanic craters, witnessed the birth of new islands and climbed some of the world’s highest mountains. Upon exiting the military Tuxford worked in the travel industry. During this time he spent several years living in Sri Lanka and this experience inspired his first written work, a volume of poetry entitled Reflections. One of the poems from the collection, “Peace in Our Land”, was later recognised with a prestigious award from the International Poetry Society of America. Tuxford was widowed just over five years ago and since retiring he has settled in Forder, a picturesque hamlet in Cornwall, where he spends most of his time writing.

Regby Dornik: The Chilling Warning is Tuxford’s first novel and he is currently working on a sequel.

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