CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, December 1 — Don’t Bet On It is the first book of the “Baseball-Superheroes” series, formally launched this month.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, December 1 — Don’t Bet On It is the first book of the “Baseball-Superheroes” series, formally launched this month.

The “Baseball-Superheroes”, Luis Limon and his partner Don Domingo uphold justice and fair play while always maintaining their secret identities. The real life brother duo, Domi L. and Matty L. are passionate baseball players for the “Heros” named after their team sponsor: “Super Heros and Pizza.” In Don’t Bet On It, they uncover a match-fixing plot that will jeopardize not only the Championship game but also the integrity of the game they love. When the going gets tough, the baseball brothers exchange their gloves and bats for capes and masks to undo the cheaters.

Action and adventure fills every page of the book.

“I never expected to be so taken up by the plot and lessons that Bruno and his sons, Dominic and Matteo have given us. Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, wrote that as human beings, we are driven by the desire to live, to love, to learn and leave a legacy. Sometimes, we forget who we are, and lose sight of an important part of life, to leave a legacy. This book brings to mind some of the most important lessons in life that can guarantee self-satisfaction, self-actualization, and the happiness of helping others be all they can be. In a wonderfully simple prose, Bruno and his sons have left us with an unforgettable legacy. For those who seek to help kids grow and care about the future of society, they certainly have hit a HOME RUN in giving us with a simple but powerful message: be honest, always give your best effort, and care for others around you.”
~ Ray Perras, Peak Performance Coach, Best-selling author of AïM for Life Mastery

This book encourages children to be honest at all costs, teaches them to always do their best, and encourages them to embrace their integrity. This beautifully-illustrated book inspires and entertains while imparting valuable life teachings. Written in a clear, easy-to-read style, this book engages and teaches young readers, and is perfect for reading to small children or for encouraging older children to read themselves.

The Father and sons team of Bruno, Dominic and Matteo Lindia combine their Superhero secret knowledge and baseball passion in their first book of the “Baseball-Superheroes” book series: Don’t Bet On It. They bring together the best of sports stories and fantasies to create a memorable world populated by heroic characters that children of all ages will want to visit again and again.

Bruno is also Co-author of the highly acclaimed book, 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership.

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