The Stabilo fame was established in 1925 in Nuremberg. During those times, the company was specialized in producing only pencils with lead, being regarded as pretty stable and stylish. After several years, in 1969, the company became famous, after producing Stabilo BOSS. During the 70’, there were the fibre-tip pens and markers and Stabilo was considered to be the largest manufactures from the European market. In 1977, the Stabilo 88 fibre-tip pen was considered to be the most popular kind of pen. These modern days, the market is filled with a wide variety of highlighters, markers and pens, suitable for every age group. Stabilo is known for producing a wide variety of good quality writing tools that can satisfy the expectations of the pickiest clients, as well. Whether you need the pens for drawing, writing or painting, the Stabilo pens can serve your requirements in a professional manner. “Stabilo Center” is a popular online store specialized in providing their clients with Stabilo pens, highlighters, pencils and other office products, at competitive prices. To add more, they can print Stabilo highlighters with the desired design and logo. In addition to this, the Werbemittel Stabilo will be printed immediately, just the way you want to.

Without any doubt, Stabilo BOSS is Europe’s number one highlighter. Its popularity has been legendary for almost 30 years. It is available in 9 fluorescent colours: orange, yellow, green, blue, red, lilac, turquoise, lavender and pink. This highlighter is easy to grip, being a perfect item for everyone who reads texts and wants to concentrate on the important information. It is suitable for school, home and office. Having a distinctive design, Stabilo BOSS can be used anywhere. Therefore, this amazing product can be regarded as the perfect tool for reading and learning for your exams.

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All in all, Stabilo pens and office products are known in the entire world for their unique style and great design. Especially the Stabilo pens will make a good impression on users, being regarded as some great writing tools, ideal for a smooth writing. Most people use them when learning for exams.

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