CISS is actually short for continuous ink system and it consists of additional tanks with inks that are positioned near the printer, connected to it using tubes. Many people might wonder why the system is necessary in the first place and why they should use it. The first and perhaps main reason is cost, considering that compared to traditional cartridges, this innovative system can save individuals and companies a lot of money. Cartridges don’t have to be replaced very often, the ink quality remains the same (as long as you purchase high-quality products) and the installation process is fairly easy and doesn’t make a lot of mess either. To make sure everything works right and the correct products are purchased, it is important to buy compatible systems, so that the printer will offer the same quality.

Companies and professionals that print large volumes find it daunting to have to replace the cartridges often, especially since it can happen on many occasions to forget to do it in time and thus, even risk complications and delays. Instead, CISS involves having larger tanks with ink, usually transparent, so that you can see inside and notice immediately when new ink has to be ordered. One of the positive aspects is that there is no need to buy the entire continuous ink system when it goes empty, since it is enough to replace the ink that gets consumed. The time and money you gain by implementing the system are priceless and you can invest them in other important aspects.

Operational costs can be reduced with CISS, since the ink inside the containers costs less than usual cartridges. And because you surely want to maintain high quality printing results, it is important to purchase the continuous ink system from a reliable provider. There is no point in risking printer damage or wasting money. There can be many offers online, but not all of them are worth considering. The good news is that you can find helpful online resources that rate and evaluate different systems and tell you from the beginning what to expect. It all depends on the budget you have available, what you expect exactly from the system and the type of printer you own.

Continuous ink system is being developed for the major printer manufacturers, so there are high chances of finding a compatible one for your model. Many providers and suppliers allow selecting the printer manufacturer, series or model from the beginning and then they display the appropriate CISS products that can be used; this way you know for sure what to buy. Once you implement the system you will know its benefits and you will be able to distinguish the major differences between it and the conventional cartridges.

There is the possibility of buying the entire system from the beginning and then get just the additional parts that you need on the way, such as the ink for refilling, perhaps the tubes in case you need new ones and such. Each system comes with installation instructions, so you can do it on your own in just a couple of minutes and without too much effort.


Have you heard about continuous ink system  by now? If not, you should learn all about it, because CISS can help you save valuable resources.