The majority of the people generally focus on improving the interior of architecture, and tend to forget about its exterior. Roofing is one of the most essential structures of any building, so it should be equally taken proper care like any other. Well, even though you have installed expensive roofing system, it does not always mean that it will be of the finest quality. In order to be sure of the quality make sure that the roof is set up by a reputed roofer in Kent. In this context it is essential for you to understand the varied kinds of roofing systems. A responsible roofer in Uxbridge can install the below mentioned types of roofing system based on your residential requirements.  

Building construction normally complies with two classes of the roofing system such as,

·         Commercial roofing and

·         Residential roofing

These two categories can also be furthermore divided into some sub-categories, which are majorly based upon the substances used in the procedure:

Residential Roofing:

Roofer in Kent studies a place’s weather condition before making any improvements. Four kinds of residential roofs are mentioned hereunder:

·         Metal Roofing: It is very famous because of its durability that has the capacity to last for about 50 years. As it needs minimum maintenance, it is a costly roofing system than any other. Moreover, it is also fire resistant.

·         Shingle Roofing: It is the commonest type of roofing system used today. Well, this can be also be categorised into two such as asphalt shingles and wood shingles. The former has been mostly preferred type over the later as it is fire-resistant and protect from the harmful UV rays, thereby lasting for at least 20 to 30 years. Compared to its advantages, it offers lesser price.

·         Tile Roofing: Concrete or mud is the primary element of the tile roofing system. It appears extremely stylish, and is made available in varied colours and patterns. This is a fire-resistant and a hardy system. Then, its heavy weight is its drawback too.

·         Slate Roofing: Roofer in Uxbridgecan help you install this though costly yet durable roofing system. The best part is it is not only fire-resistant, but also resistant to insects and rain. However, it also weights heavy.

Commercial Roofing:

Though, residential roofing raw materials are similar to that of the commercial buildings, the reputed roofer in Kent are trying to add different look to commercial roofs, which can be categorised in four types:

·         Thermoplastic Roofing: TPO roof is highly effective, especially in the high temperatures. It prevents the harmful UV rays. This can also protect from any types of chemical exposure and ozone.

·         Photovoltaic Roofing: These types of rooftops are installed with solar panels that absorb sunlight, thereby using the same energy to function a building, which lessens the electricity bill.

·         EPDM Roofing: It is an easy to set up and repair roofing system. It is has great variety and is high in durability.

·         Green Roofing: Having a waterproofing layer underneath, it enables to lowers the heating and also the cooling bills and also enhances the roof’s lifespan.

To set one of these roofing systems, contact a reputed roofer in Uxbridge now.



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