Paris, France June 1: Every individual is blessed with a different taste from the other. Peexter, the revolutionary shopping app for iPhone is based on this very concept and belief. This social app is set to have its website launched in June for all those who do have a taste and opinion combined with knowledge about different things like food, clothing, gadgets and the like. You do have a say here, if you want to say something. You get to rate things based on your perception and opinion, while you get to try a host of other options from others with similar tastes.

Peexter is getting a world on its own. All users can compete to prove their point and justify their taste and opinion. It is actually trying to be a niche ‘Facebook’ app for different types of people, their tastes and opinions. Peexter also helps out brands to have their say and attend to their clients who can provide them with valuable feedback,” says the MD of Peexter, Mr. Yannick Kamga.

The striking feature of Peexter is that the user will be able to Peex the products which means that they can actually promote the products which they like immensely. In turn, they can get to know different products that will be closer to their taste or liking or even need.

Peexter enables individuals with different tastes to get in touch and follow others who might have similar tastes and opinions. This way, this trendsetting iPhone shopping app can actually encourage people to get to know different products and services which they might have not have known at all.

Users will also be able to follow and continue their brand preferences or store preferences and get to know real-time updates about a new product or a new collection being launched along with the latest offers and promotions.

Peexter helps its users to strike challenges, play quizzes, and perform social activities which can help the users to make progress in the leaderboard which offers more and more promotions as a user advances. Peexter users can even write books which are referred to as Peexes that are Peexed by themselves. The search options provide seamless results if you want to search for a particular product: book name, product added by brands etc.

What’s more, Peexter is immensely useful for brands to attend to complaints and even promote their products. The user will have multiple options to provide peex and qualify the products. One can even provide gems to imply rating of the product if one needs it or wants it or even has it.

Get Peexter to make new friends who share your tastes and get recommendations from them as well!

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