London UK, August 23, 2011 — What do the Care Quality Commission's National Specification for Cleanliness  specify, and why does it mean that Procare is your best choice?

London UK, August 23, 2011 — What do the Care Quality Commission's National Specification for Cleanliness  specify, and why does it mean that Procare is your best choice?

These new specifications have been introduced by the UK's National Health Service in response to growing concern about the state of cleanliness in UK hospitals, and the surgeries of dentists and doctors. The specifications have four main aims, which include the aim to assist providers in making sure that risks for infection are reduced significantly during the delivery of services, as well as to provide a good framework that will allow cleaning services to be arranged effectively. It also includes the aim to make sure that the appropriate documentation is being provided that proves how medical processes are being managed.

Finally, they aim to emphasise that cleaning is a shared responsibility that does not just involve the cleaning team. These new standards recognise that the project will require time to be implemented properly – but in the meantime, only companies like Procare will be able to provide surgery cleaning services to the necessary standard. This is largely due to the fact that Procare is one of the most experienced cleaning companies out there with some 25 years experience.

This expertise, combined with the fact that the company works with many self-employed cleaners with decades of experience, means that the teams of staff provided by Procare are capable of dealing with specialist cleaning situations. Procare is experienced with dealing with medical waste, as well as a number of other medical institutions. Any other cleaning company out there might not be able to guarantee you the same level of both experience and quality – meaning that institutions like dentists and doctors surgeries might not be employing people who can cope with these new regulations and standards provided by the NHS.

These new standards clearly set out a cleaning plan which should be abided by at all times – not just so that the institution is abiding by the law, but so that individuals can be cared for at a much better level. It is out of the question for Dentist and Doctors surgeries to put patients at risk when they are undergoing medical procedures. It must be remembered that the NHS does this in the best interests of the patient – and by using Procare, you too will be showing that you are dedicated to quality service and safety for your patients.

The cleaning plan sets out clear local arrangements and policies, and companies like Procare are the driving force behind the implementation of these new plans. By using Procare's commercial cleaning management services healthcare providers will more easily be able to meet the Care Quality Commission's requirements, in regards to documentary evidence about the provision of acceptable cleaning services under the new requirements.

So if you need high quality cleaning services, then Procare is your perfect option. Not just because of the amazing VAT advantage, but because Procare is more than capable of performing to National Specification for Cleanliness standards.

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