Contact Person: Moshe Hodara

Company Name Mashav Relocation

Voice Phone Number: 1-866-775-3121



Contact Person: Moshe Hodara

Company Name Mashav Relocation

Voice Phone Number: 1-866-775-3121

FAX Number: 240-558-3788

Email Address: [email protected]

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Rockville, MD, 27.05.2011: Mashav Relocation Inc, a nationwide moving service provider based in Maryland, announced Moving Coupons Service to its potential movers. Mashav Relocation which is also known as cross country movers announced its initiative to increase the sales volume among the MD movers. John Marta, the spokesman also added, they had this plan well before but for some reason or other things had got delayed.


Moving Coupons are nothing but discount offered by the Mashav Relocation to encourage the residents to opt for the service. Discount rates are directly proportional to the amount of services opted. More the value of service more will be the discounts. For example, one can get $50 discount if the total value of the move is over $500. Similarly $100 discounts would be possible if the value of the move is more than $2000.


In the face of increasing costs worldwide, it is one of the difficult tasks for the residents to choose best movers at an affordable price quote. The moving aspirants do check the quality and reputation of the moving companies. Sometimes the quality is measured by the moving authority and business certifications. Word of mouth serves the reputation management. “We are determined to deliver our clients the service and the price quote since inception and our clients says it all about the reputation,” the spokesman added.


Mashav Relocation founded with the mission to offer professional and affordable moving service to the residents and companies of the state of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and DC. As one of the leading MD movers, delivering the items safely from one location to the next is their motto. Headquartered in Rockville, MD 20853 they have other office locations in VA and DC. The licenses are: ICC # MC673386 US , DOT # 1861735. Also they have got numerous moving certifications as mark of quality and professionalism.


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Mashav Relocation is 'AMSA' and 'Fairmove' recognized Baltimore Movers provide professional moving services to the residents and companies of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington DC for their intrastate and inter-state moving requirement. Mashav is also known as Maryland Moving Company.


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Mashav Relocation

5508 Amesfield Ct

Rockville, MD 20853


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local- 240-669-6506

fax- 240-558-3788

toll free- 1-866-775-3121


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