Web Media Expert has launched the official "Like Exchange". In just under two weeks the site is used by over 6 countries worldwide! They've already had requests for it to be translated in Hebrew and Arabic. This site has become wildly popular in record time all by word of mouth.

The “like exchange” is providing a platform for people to connect with other business fan pages. With advertising the more eyeballs you can get your business in front of the better since 70% of consumers trust peer recommendations. However, it's only a small part of the big picture. They are also building a worldwide directory so potential customers and business owners can search for local businesses to “like” and connect with.


The like exchange is easy to use and helps you get to know other businesses. It lets you share likes in facebook and helps to increase fans and get your business more exposure.”


More information can be found online at http://www.likesocialmedia.com


About Web Media Expert LLC


Web Media Expert LLC is a social media agency giving you access to the top industry specialists in design, strategy, marketing, content, branding and technology. They have the expertise to truly help your business from start to finish resulting in quickly building web traffic, sales, leads, fans and followers!


Their CEO, Michelle Hummel, is an Internet Marketing Major and entrepreneur with 10+ years of successful marketing, sales and business development experience! She offers individual and corporate social media training via webinar or in person at your location.


Michelle is also a highly sought after speaker demonstrating her knowledge, passion and proven success with social media marketing. Her many accomplishments include building a popular Internet Marketing Mentor Program that has evolved into www.WebMediaUniversity.com. She also started the wildly successful “like exchange” idea that has now turned into www.LikeSocialMedia.com.