Handheld Optical Power Meter Features Precise Multi-wavelength Measurement

Handheld Optical Power Meter Features Precise Multi-wavelength Measurement

Toronto, CanadaGAO Fiber Optics(www.GAOFiberOptics.com) is offering thishandheld optical power meter which provides a wider power measurement range and a higher frequency range than other similar devices.This power meter is commonly used in the testing of fiber optic networks and for CATV installation and maintenance, LAN and WAN testing and quality assurance and acceptance testing.

This handheld optical power meter, model C0260006, features precise multi-wavelength measurement, simple button operationanda real-time clock. It also features absolute and relative power measurement, low voltage warning, auto power off and an energy-save design.It provides a high frequency range of 800 nm to 1600 nmand a large memory capacity of up to 200 groups of data items.

The handheld optical power meter is calibrated over a large number of wavelengths to enable power measurements to be made on a wide range of single mode and multimode fiber optic cable systems.It communicates with a computer via USB port for data exchange.It is available for all common connector types including FC, SC, ST, and LC.In addition,this power meter provides more than 30 hours of continuous operationwith a 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery.

This handheld optical power meter belongs to GAO's family of Power Meters.Other featured products in this line are Handheld Optical Power Meterwhich can be used for absolute optical power measurements as well as relative loss measurements in optical fibers, Handheld PON Power Meterwhich is specially designed for the construction and maintenance of PON networks which can be connected between OLT and ONTand Portable Optical Power Meterwhich is equipped with a single-chip microprocessor, a built-in long wavelength camera probe and newly designed electric rubber switch.


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