Embedded UHF Reader Developer Kit with Broad Applications


Embedded UHF Reader Developer Kit with Broad Applications

Toronto, CanadaGAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) recommends its embedded UHF reader developer kit for EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliant UHF development.This high performance developer kit is easy to use in a broad range of applications.

This embedded UHF reader developer kit, model 7260004, is smaller than the area of a business card. It includes all hardware and software components required to integrate UHF RFID technology quickly and easily into an application.Equipped with an 860 to 960 MHz external antenna, the embedded UHFRFIDreader module provides a long read distance.The developer kitcontains a host interface board, a sample tag kit, demo software and software libraries.It provides USB and RS232 communication interfacesfor data exchange.

This high performance embedded UHF reader developer kit belongs to GAO's family of RFID Embedded Modules.Featured products in this line include High Frequency (HF) RFID Reader / Writer Module which is well-suited for custom-built applications by system integrators, 125KHz. LF Low Freq. RFID Reader Module Substitute – Mag Stripe which is designed to be a direct replacement for Magnetic Stripe Reader Modules to convert the existing application and hardware to RFID technology and Embedded UHF Reader Module which is suitable for handheld/mobile readers, doorway readers, printers/encoders, and smart-cabinets/shelves.



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