Compact Optical Laser Source Utilizes Automatic Power Control

Compact Optical Laser Source Utilizes Automatic Power Control

Toronto, Canada –GAO Tek Inc.( has announced the release of its compact optical laser source which boasts highly accurate measurements and is compatible with other optical instruments. It is ideal for simulating various conditions in the manufacture, testing and maintenance of passive optical components.

This durable and compact optical laser source, model C0220005, is available in different versions for different applications offering great flexibility for testing, installing and maintaining single mode and multimode optical networks.Featuring a large LCD screen, sleek design and easy operation, this laser source is ideally suited for field work. It is equipped with FC, ST and SC adapters.

This laser source conducts efficient tests relying on its utilization of automatic power control (APC) and automatic temperature control (ATC) techniques. It provides optional operating wavelengths of 1310 nm, 1550 nm, 1310/1550 nm, 650/1310/1550 nm, 850/1310/1550 nm, 850/1300 nm, 1490/1310/1550 nm and 1625/1310/1550 nm. It also offers optional modulation frequencies including CW, 270 Hz, 1 kHz and 2 kHz to meet various requirements. Additionally, this laser source is powered by two AA 1.2 V nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries.

This light weight optical laser source belongs to GAO’s family of Light Sources. This line also includes other featured products such asHandheld Laser Source which is an ideal instrument for optical network installation, trouble shooting and maintenance in fiber optic systems and is widely used for LAN, WAN, CATV and long-distance optical networks, Handheld Optical Power Multi Meter which is suitable for construction and maintenance of fiber communications and CATV systems and Handheld Adjustable Light Source which provides 1 to 4 wavelengths and its output power is adjustable according to customer's specific need.



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