assisted an imaginative new day spa to create a modern and serene ambiance in preparation of their grand opening by incorporating vinyl signs into their marketing initiative. Alicia Prince, owner of Invigorating Touch Day Spa in Bloomfield, New York, contacted to assist with creating a refreshing escape from the bustle of the city by adding a tranquil feel to the high-end downtown day spa. Invigorating Touch Day Spa is centered in downtown Bloomfield, surrounded by luxurious shopping districts and engaging restaurants. Alicia opened the day spa and salon to captivate shoppers with a relaxing retreat between errands and establish a perfect girls’ day out destination. The day spa features all-inclusive spa packages, a radiant salon, and a staff that focuses on pampering its clients. worked with Prince to incorporate the spa’s tranquil theme into the businesses signage and window displays. Working with some of the free designer templates Signazon has available online, Prince and the Signazon designers created a botanical theme, using vinyl decals, etched glass decals and clear static clings, which were custom-designed to create a relaxing, yet luxurious ambiance.


Frosted film was cut to the shape of bamboo leaves adding a decorative border to the interior and exterior windows. Vinyl decals were custom cut to the shape of heat rocks and exotic flowers, while delicate white vinyl lettering lined the windows, adding the message of “Relax, Breathe, Invigorate.” The window clings were designed to adorn the separate salon doors with current product promotions and style offers. The most-stunning addition was the clear decals covering the swinging entrance doors and featuring a slightly-transparent gushing waterfall. “We agreed on the clear vinyl because it made the image more subtle but really brought out the tranquility,” says Kelly Cooper, Head of Internet Sales. “The unique white ink printing style that is used with the clear decals gives a great deal of freedom and in this case, gave the feeling like you were walking straight through the waterfall.”


The inspiration that Alicia brought along with the great design team at created an amazingly-beautiful window display for the brand new day spa. On the day of the grand opening, guests were quick to comment on the calming sensation that the spa offered and Invigorating Touch Day Spa quickly acquired many new clients. The unique window signs turned into a hot topic for conversation and an impressive characteristic that helped the day spa catch the eye of passers-by and potential new clients.


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