(1888PressRelease) The Market Of Commodities, precious metals to be specific, continue to remain strong despite the down swing of volatility.

(1888PressRelease) The Market Of Commodities, precious metals to be specific, continue to remain strong despite the down swing of volatility.

MIAMI,FL – Market reports on Friday, May 27 show commodities, in particlar precious metals, holding value despite some panic to sell-off. According to a report from Barclays Capital, investor interest remains strong in the commodities market; the past few weeks of volatility notwithstanding. Gold is holding and remains the favorite metal for investors looking for a hedge against inflation and a weakening dollar. Many are reported to be buying gold with intent to store for future investment.

"This further supports the importance of gold and other precious metals as part of a balanced portfolio," says CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami (PAMM). "Savvy investors are stockpiling their precious metals holdings."

While some investors may have been frightened off by the volatility of recent weeks, most realize that, as a medium- to long-term investment, precious metals bullion will always maintain value. Precious metals have an intrinsic value that gives them a level of security not found in many other financial instruments. PAMM trades in four metals: gold, silver, palladium and platinum. Demand remains high for palladium, platinum and silver due to their use in industry, while gold remains the 'gold standard' for many investors.

News from the Euro zone is also driving investors to take refuge in gold and silver, and, to a lesser extent, palladium and platinum. News that the president of Greece has called an urgent meeting Friday, in light of the possible default on sovereign debt, further serves to make investors shy away from currencies and buoys the precious metals market.

PAMM offers both fully-funded and leveraged positions in precious metals; investors can either hold bullion themselves of have it kept in a vault for safe-keeping. PAMM's traders have over 100 years' combined experience and only suggest holdings to clients that they themselves would be comfortable purchasing.

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