Hsuan Hau (KRÖNYO) presented the technological strength on Tire Repair Tools products at TAIPEI AMPA, successfully attracted potential global buyers.

Most of Taiwan leading exhibitors brought their innovated products with the aim to attract potential worldwide buyers at TAIPEI AMPA, also including Hsuan Hau (KRÖNYO), which with 15 years manufacture experience, presented their rubber solution, tire repair kit, repair tools, cold patch and other accessories.  There were crowds of people visited their booth and showed high interest in their tire repair tools and repair kits.

Hsuan Hau (KRÖNYO) is prestigious for the Repair tools and accessories. The company has complete automatic production equipment which is the basis for manufacturing high quality products.  Hsuan Hau has passed many certifications that guarantee the product safety is conformed to the international regulations.  
Besides Repair kit, Repair tools, Tire and Tube valves and Accessories exhibited in the show, Hsuan Hau also offers a wide range of aluminum soft tubes, AB glue, Super Glue, Rubber Solution, Clear Bond, hard PVC , Glue, RTV Silicone Glue, Acetoxy Silicone Sealant,…etc.  The application widely ranges from households, industries to constructions.

At Taipei AMPA, global visitors were attracted by Hsuan Hau’s excellent repair kits and tools.  The high quality made good impression on purchasers and positive responses were received during the four days exhibition.  It is believed that Hsuan Hau will continue providing the good quality products and sincere service as that presented at Taipei AMPA exhibition.

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Company name: Hsuan Hau Enterprise Co. LTD (KRÖNYO)
Contact name: Cindy Lin
Address: 1F, No. 429, Sec. 6, Yen Ping N. Rd. Shih-Lin Taipei, 111 Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-28137108
Fax: 886-2-28137110
E-mail: cindy@kronyo.com
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