The team at MFuse LLC. are the creators of a handful of networking tools for the entertainment industry. is an online networking and hiring tool for freelance models, photographers, fashion designers, hairstylists, and everyone else working and using all types of fashion industry jobs. Using their secure job posting and hiring platform, models can find their next gig, and photographers can find models that are willing to work within their budgets. Fashion designers can find photographers to help capture their product, and hairstylists can find shoots to sculpt at. By streamlining the networking experience, Mode Fuse helps artists gain a peace of mind that can't be found through anonymous forums, sketchy job ads, and poorly-equipped agents. Model Fuse is the perfect service for anyone using all types of fashion industry jobs.


Model Fuse isn't only a job platform, though. It is also an outlet to share and spread the word. It allows everyone using all types of fashion industry jobs to meet, connect, and collaborate. Through the Model Fuse website and mobile app, artists are able to keep friends, fans, clients, and contractors up-to-date with on-going projects, what inspires them, and their everyday activity.


Everyone from the MFuse team is actually part of the entertainment industry, and they have worked with large companies like MTV, Warner Brothers, and Universal. They've personally had to take on the challenges of representing themselves in the industry, and they've pooled their collective years of experience using all types of fashion industry jobs to help artists find work without all the worry. They did this because not only did they understand the industry, but they also wanted a better way to find work for themselves!


So check out Membership is completely free, and it will always be free. For anyone using all types of fashion industry jobs, this is the safest, easiest, and most fun way to work with others in the fashion industry. Take advantage of both the secure hiring platform and the ability to find all types of fashion industry jobs.