Jointly organized by China Electricity Council and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, EP Shanghai and EPA 2013 attracted over 25,000 visitors from all over the world, among which 7.6% were overseas visitors, and well attended by more than 800 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions.

Jointly organized by China Electricity Council and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, EP Shanghai and EPA 2013 attracted over 25,000 visitors from all over the world, among which 7.6% were overseas visitors, and well attended by more than 800 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions.

World-class leading suppliers of the electric power industry showcased the latest technologies and equipment at EP Shanghai 2013. From advanced equipment and materials to state-of-the-art technologies, the trade fair created boundless business opportunities to not only power groups and power grid corporations, power plants, but also power construction companies, research and design institutes and industrial end-users, and provided an informative and interactive hub for professionals to share their expertise and the most updated market news.

Smart Grid and Electric Power Automation in the Spotlight

This year, EP Shanghai 2013 had an unprecedented show-scale breakthrough of over 35,000 square meters. World-renowned exhibitors included ABB, Schneider, General Cable, Siemens, Hyundai, Delixi, Chint, Hitachi, Huaming, KGE, S&C Electric, Emerson, Pentair, Rittal, AEG, Linbo, Minghan, Senyuan Electric, Multi-Contact, Ormazabal, WIKA, Comking, Boer Power, NARI, Pinggao Group, DECA, GEA, Zhuhai Copower, AKSON, Legrand, Rothenberger, Deba and etc., as well as the overseas pavilions from Germany and U.S.A.

To cope with the increasing demand for smart grid equipment and accessories, EP Shanghai 2013 joined hands with the well-known suppliers to foster the theme zones on Smart Grid and Electric Power Automation. Exhibitors include NARI, Linbo, Huaming, Emerson, and etc. displayed a series of smart grid equipment and technology, grid safety and information system and applications.

EP Shanghai 2013 was highly recognized by exhibitors, over 80% of the exhibitors found their participation satisfactory and would like to join the next event again. Mr. Lu, Sales Manager of Qualitrol, commented that the exhibition had broadened his horizon through exchanging information with industry experts, and that he met potential business partners and made friends at the fair. Mr. Feng from Comking was very satisfied with the exhibition this year, and expressed that the overall services had been continuously improving to perfection. Inoforges indicated that the exhibition was very helpful to the company, and they had successfully achieved deals at the show. On top of these, the first-time world-class exhibitors General Cable and Delixi were also very much impressed by the exhibition and said that the results were commendable.

Tremendous Groups of Delegations Visited EP Shanghai

Being China’s largest and Asia’s leading electric power expo, EP Shanghai 2013 attracted over 20 professional buyer delegations. They were from power groups and power grid corporations, trade associations, engineering companies and design institutes from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, Guangdong, Shanxi, Tianjin, as well as overseas trade visitors from Russia, India, South-east Asia and over 60 countries/regions.

On the other hand, the Organizer invited delegations from mining, metallurgical, petrochemical and railway industries, and they were well matched with the exhibitors who offered related electric power equipment and services catered for them. The fair served as the business platform for suppliers and buyers worldwide across different industries.

Mr. Mai of Zhuhai New Energy & Smart Grid Industry Association deemed that the exhibition setting was well arranged, and the fair covered a rich scope of exhibits for the industry chain in addition to the traditional products. Mr. Zhao of State Grid Nantong Electric Power Supply Company affirmed that his visit at EP Shanghai was very fruitful. The information acquired gave him a better understanding of his interested products, and was very useful for his work as well. EP’s loyal visitor Mr. Xu of East China Electric Power Design Institute commented that the exhibition was comprehensive and well organized, which successfully showcased the development of the electric power industry in both domestic and foreign markets. Ms. Jia of Hai'an Electric Power Supply Company said that their company organized delegation to visit EP China / EP Shanghai every year, because the show was the industry trendsetter and they were inspired by the intelligence elements acquired from the exhibition. It was a good indicator to source the most advanced products.

In addition, Mr. Yang of Guangdong Electric Power Material Corporation was impressed by the scale of EP Shanghai 2013, and complimented that the exhibition was influential to the industry. Lots of equipment for electric power system could be sourced at the fair, thus offering them great convenience. Mr. Shen of Puyuan Power mentioned that the insulating materials, switchgear and sets of equipment that his company needed could all be found at the fair, and intended to visit EP China in Beijing next year.

Concurrent Forums and Symposia Gathered the Top Industry Professionals
Over 10 forums and symposia were held concurrently with EP Shanghai 2013. Government representatives, industry leaders, trade professionals and company directors expressed their insightful views on the trend and future development of the industry, creating a comprehensive and interactive exchange platform for the industry specialists.

Organized by China Electricity Council, “2013 Smart Grid Conference” covered topics on distributed energy, wind power development and set up, new technologies on substation automation, smart micro grids and energy storage. Presented by professionals from China Electric Power Research Institute, China Southern Power Grid, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company and etc., this high-level conference was highly recognized and concluded in a full house with rounds of applauses.

“Smart Grid and Energy Conservation” be Sustained in EP China 2014

In response to China’s rapid development of smart grids, new energy and energy conservation, the next edition EP China 2014 will continue its theme on “Smart Grid and Energy Conservation”. The exhibition will be staged at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China on 22-24 October 2014. The Organizer will expand the exhibition scale to 8 halls, and draw in worldwide advanced technologies and equipment to the fair. With the goal of enhancing the effectiveness and reliability of smart grids in China, EP China will continue to serve as an effective business platform for the electric power industry around the globe.

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EP China / EP Shanghai, jointly organized by China Electricity Council and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., are held in Beijing and Shanghai rotationally. Since its launch in 1986, EP exhibitions are recognized as the largest and the most reputable electric power and electrical exhibition in China, extensively supported by major power group corporations and power grid corporations of China. It is also the only electric power event in China that is endorsed as a UFI Approved Event.

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