Spain, January 23, 2014

Spain, January 23, 2014

Créditos Rápidos today announced the expansion of its quick loan service and the access to a more diversified network of lenders. The portal features prestigious lending institutions like Wonga, Dispon, Cofidis, Visus and Kredito24, among many others. At the same time, potential borrowers have the possibility to configure their loan applications and identify the main requirements, fees and rates with a few clicks only. The online portal also provides a wide plethora of third party applications, as well as direct connections to some of the most reputable companies in Spain.

Just in time for the heavy financial times occurring during the first months of each year, users can now benefit from the possibility to contract multiple loan providers at the same time. The online portal allows customers to determine their eligibility standards themselves according to the rates and costs, not to mention about the special offers. Having all lending offers and requirements in one place can help in making more informed decisions, at a way faster rate. As one of the leading intermediary names in the quick lending industry, Créditos Rápidos has now widened its network to cover even more lending institutions.

Although consumers might see Créditos Rápidos as a bridge between their financial problems and solutions, the intermediary service is only responsible for informing the audience. Users do not benefit from lower rates or less requirements, but only from access to a quick guide regarding the most reputable lenders in Spain. Most Spanish lenders indicate they have actually witnessed a significant upgrade in their sales through this portal, so plenty of them have admitted a solid and efficient collaboration. Individualized statistics show an even more significant growth over the incoming months due to the general lack of savings after winter holidays.

Créditos Rápidos is split into several categories, depending on what the consumers are in need of. Personal loans are more common because they handle everyday necessities, like bills or food. Anyhow, the portal is structured and updated with the latest names in this industry, but they can be organized by fees, monthly rates and potential lending limitations.

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Créditos Rápidos has gained the reputation of a very informative source of details for people in need of quick loans. Its primary mission is to ensure quick access to lending rules and estimations. Potential borrowers save a lot of time for having all these details in one place, without needing to contact each lender individually. For more information, please visit

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